WarmYou Up!


Family Pack Fresh Ground Beef 2.28 Lb. Small Pack...Lb. $2.68

Butcher’s Best ® Boneless Sirloin Tip Roast 2.98 Lb.

Frick’s Smoked Ham Portions 1.28 Lb.

USDA Inspected Frozen Boneless Chicken Breast 1.78 Lb.

6-Ct.Fresh Dessert Shells 1.49

1-Lb.Bag, 41 To 50-Count EZ Peel Raw Shrimp 4.98

1-Lb. Pkg. Juicy Sweet Red Ripe Strawberries 1.98

5-Lb. Bag,Genuine Idaho, Klondike Red Or Gold Potatoes 2 /$ 4

128-Oz. Jug (Gallon) Hy•Top Vegetable Oil 4.97

30.65-Oz.Can Maxwell House Wake Up Roast Coffee 4.97

12-Pack 12-Oz.Cans...2/$9 8-Pack 12-Oz.Btls...3/$12 6-Pack 16-Oz. Btls. Pepsi Products 4 /$ 10

14.5-Oz.,Selected Hy•Top Tomatoes 3 /$ 1

18 To 18.3-Oz.Selected Duncan Hines Brownie Mix .97

8-Oz.Selected Chunk Cheese Or Morning Fresh Farms Shredded Cheese 2 /$ 3

59-Oz.,Selected Donald Duck Orange Juice 2 /$ 4

12-Oz.Cans,Selected 12-Pack Faygo Soft Drinks 2 /$ 5

7.5-Oz.,Combo Or Pepperoni Totino’s Pizza Rolls .97

6-Big Or 8-Reg.Print Rolls Bounty Basic Paper Towels 4.97

12-Ct.Rolls,Selected Charmin Essentials Bath Tissue 4.97

115 To 138-Oz.,Selected Tide Simply Clean & Fresh Detergent 6.97

r rs TM D&J WeGladlyAccept

Galaxy ® Food Center

VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.djgalaxyfoods.com

D&JGalaxy#1Locatedat 1810 WestfieldRoad,Mt. Airy, N. C.

D&JGalaxy#2Locatedat 403E.MainStreet, Boonville, N. C.

OPEN: 8AM- 9PMMonday ThroughSaturday • 9AM- 9PMSunday

PRICESGOODFROMFEBRUARY21 THRUFEBRUARY27, 2018 All Galaxy®FoodCentersHonor Federal Food StampCard! We Reserve The Right To Limit Quantities AndCorrect Typographical Errors. No Sales ToDealers.

WED THURS FRI SAT SUN MON TUES 21 22 23 24 25 26 27



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