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“ The Book o f the ages in the language of today!”



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Translated under direction and supervision of Rev. Gerrit Verkuyl, PH.D.f D.D., Editor. The Berkeley Translation is the combined effort of twenty qualified scholars A Z o n d e rv a n P u b lic a tio n

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Who Will Profit from the Berkeley Bible Translation 9 Christian laymen and Christian families 9 Bible students 9 Pastors and evangelists • Sunday school and Christian school teachers • Christians young in the faith TRANSLATORS Rev. Gerrit Verkuyl, Ph.D., D.D., Editor Professor Gleason L. Archer, Ph.D. Professor John W. Bailey, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus David E. Culley, Ph.D. Professor Deward W. Deere, Th.D. Professor Clyde T. Francisco, Ph.D. Rev. Leonard Greenway, B.D. Rev. Gerard Van Groningen, Th.M. Professor Howard A. Hanke, Th.D. Professor S. Lewis Johnson, Jr., Th.D. Rev. James E. Keefer, Th.D., Ph.D. Professor William S. LaSor, Ph.D. Professor Jacob M. Myers, Ph.D. Professor J. Barton Payne, Th.D. Professor Emeritus Geo. L. Robinson, Ph.D. Professor Samuel J. Schultz, Ph.D. Rev. Hathaway Struthers, Th.D., Ph.D. Professor Merrill F. Unger, Ph.D. Professor Leon J. Wood, Th.M. Professor Martin J. Wyngaarden, Ph.D. Regular P ric e ............... $7.95 Deluxe Flexible Leatherette Gift Edition ..........................$11.95 9 Christians of all ages 9 Personal soul-winners

Enthusiastic Endorsements DR. V. RAYMOND EDMAN, president, Wheaton College, W h ea ton , Illinois: “ Translations in modem English, as the Berkeley Version, provide vivid­ ness and freshness of meaning to the text, and help throw light on the stately King James Version: Scholarly, thoughtful, incisive, the Berkeley Version makes a worthwhile contribution. . . . Sound evangelical scholar­ ship has produced in the BERKELEY BIBLE a very accurate, readable and devout translation of the Scriptures in 20th Century English —the Book of the ages in the language of today.” DR. H. J. OCKENGA, pastor of Park Street Church, Baston, Massachusetts says: “ . . . emphasizes chronology, clarity and contemporary Deity . . . a great help in Bible study. I highly recommend the Berkeley Version.” DR. JAMES H. HUNTER, editor, Evangelical Christian. “ Every Christian should possess a copy of this excellent translation in modem English that helps to elucidate more clearly the wonder of the Book. The approximate date of writing is given for each book, and the footnotes are most helpful.” DR. FRANK E. GAEBELEIN, headmaster, Stony Brook School, Stony Brook, Long Island: “ . . . an excellent piece of work.” DR. J. THEODORE MUELLER, Concordia Theological Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri: “ Pastors certainly will not go wrong in using the Berkeley Translation for' their sermon preparation. I heartily recommend it to all pastors and students of the Bible. They will be greatly helped by. it in their study of God’s Word.” PROFESSOR JOHN WICK BOWMAN, San Francisco T h e o lo g ic a l S em in ary: “ . . . will take its place without apology alongside other modern transla* tions . . . it is. a ‘conservative’ translation* both theologically and styl­ istically.” The King's Business Magazine: v“ It is thoroughly conservative, and worthy of consideration by all who are interested in the interpretation of Scripture. This version is thoroughly modem, and free from archaisms . . . throwing a flood of light upon passages that are obscure in older translations.” The Christian Herald Magazine: of old words.” . . jolts the reader into a new understanding The Sunday School Times: . . will be found one of the best . ... very helpful for Bible study .: . faithfully abides by the evidence.” The Princeton Seminary Bulletin: “ . . . forthright and vigorous . . . characterized by sanctified common sense . . . conscientious and consecrated . . .” DR. MARK FAKKEMA, educational director of the National Association of Chris­ tian Schools: “ . . . most excellent. . .” Bibliotheca Sacra. •.readable and live.'* DR. H. ORTON WILEY, president emeritus, Pasadena Collette, Pasadena, Cali­ fornia: “ I use it constantly" and I appreciate it and recommend it to my students.” These comments, except Dr. Edman’s, were made regarding the Berkeley Version of the New Testament.

10 years in preparation!

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Scholarly yet highly readable

The ideal family Bible for daily devotions

Chronological accuracy and agreement

1,280 Pages

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