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hen real estate entrepreneur Lorraine Beato spoke on a panel at Think Realty’s 2016 event in Atlanta, GA, little did she know that the young gen- tleman wearing a red cardigan asking to apprentice with one of the panelists would turn out to be one of her first flipping mentees. Thurman Robinson took an affinity to Beato at the Think Realty event, and he has stayed in touch with her since. In summer 2018, Robinson wanted to be part of a renovation project and before he invested $25,000 into someone else’s project, he turned to his trusted advisor who he affectionately calls his “shark.” “Lorraine has saved me from losing thousands of dollars,” Robinson said. Renovation Rockstar A PARTNERSHIP CAN BE WORTH THOUSANDS IN THE FLIPPING BUSINESS. by Editorial Staff W

Determined to start on his real estate investing path, Robinson brought a potential deal to Beato. She re- viewed the details and told him she didn’t feel the num- bers lined up nor were necessary questions answered. Beato told Robinson she would help him acquire his own deal and she would mentor him through his first flip. Beato found a wholesale deal where she felt the num- bers made sense and it was the perfect project for a new investor. They made a full price offer to the wholesaler who then turned around and said they were going for highest and best. Being an astute investor and Realtor ® , Beato told the wholesaler that they would stand at their offer. Two days later, when the highest buyer could not perform, the wholesaler called Beato back.

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