“This project is a prime example of a “Renovation Rockstar” because I took a young, new investor and successfully helped him flip his first home! Plus, we killed it on the ROI,” Beato said. After their profit split, Robinson walked away with a 52 percent net return on his out-of-pocket investment in less than six months. Not bad for a newbie — or any investor! “The next time you attend a Think Realty event, you never know who you are going to run into or what you can learn. Had Thurman not stood up in the front of that room and asked to intern, he may still be looking for his first project or sunk his $25k into someone else’s project and possibly not made any money,” Beato said. •

I love these little brick bungalows from the 1950s. They are solid homes and I can get in and out in reasonable time. I am passionate about getting people into their first home and don't need to complicate it by adding a second story, which in the end, may be more profit but also takes longer and increases holding costs.

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by Elizabeth Maora Sickels

Land development can be complicated. Let us help you simplify and fund your project. Specializing in Opportunity Zones and Renewable Energy options. We nd solutions to bring your dreams into reality.


esigning for vacation rentals can be a challenge! You need to think in terms of the guest as well as resale value down the road. You must focus on the long haul, assessing current needs and anticipating future needs. Making a space inviting and providing a unique experience is the goal. Here are some design tips that have proven to be beneficial in maximizing ROI for both immediate and long-term needs: ONE INSPIRATION PIECE All you need in some cases is one piece of inspiration to get you going! You can theme an entire property around a signature piece or a striking painting. An example is this beautiful peacock oil painting — it just had to be used! The piece is enor- mous, a true statement! Two gorgeous chairs paired in front of the painting pick up the color in the picture and have muted brass that is prestigious, yet welcoming. See picture at right.

“We nd debt, equity, and land for your projects”

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