Biola Broadcaster - 1967-07


by D. Stuart Briscoe

H a v in g h ad t h e pr iv il eg e of travel­ ing in the United States and meet­ ing so many wonderful people, it is a privilege to have this contact and out­ reach once again. My first and nat­ ural concern is for the spiritual wel­ fare of you friends. A basic question is, “Are people being converted to Christ through your witness?” It is amazing and alarming to me to realize that there are many Christians who have never led another individual to the Lord. If this is true of you, then among other things you are missing a tremendous blessing for your life. One who is not witnessing is not really fulfilling the function for which he himself was converted. One of the most vital dimensions is missing. To start with, let us consider a def­ inition of what we mean by personal evangelism. The term, of course, re­ fers to dealing with individuals rather than the masses. God has been bless­ ing the ministry of His servants as they have had extensive meetings at­

tracting huge crowds. This is a very specialized field. The Lord, however, has put a major emphasis upon the contact and testimony on a “man-to­ man” basis. It is when one person ex­ plains the Gospel message and the other listens. It is simply the personal presentation of the evangel, which is another word for Gospel. Unfortu­ nately, however, there are many peo­ ple who don’t seem to be clear on a definition of the Gospel. Writing to the Galatians, Paul told them to be on guard against those who would come in and try to preach some other “gospel.” Listen to how strong he makes it, “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” For added empha­ sis on this vital point, the Holy Spirit has him say it once again. Anything else which is given to people is not to be trusted whatsoever. So, personal evangelism is a man-to-man presenta- 3

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