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As I write this message the Orange County community is mourning the death of Teel Goodwin, long - serving member of the Board of Supervisors. We certainly did not need his passing to remind us of our short tenure on this planet. COVID presented that narrative all year long. Nevertheless, we remember not the tragedy of his battle with cancer, but rather the memories of his service to community, work, and family. It is the good and the positive, the hopeful and the aspirational that we are called to reflect upon. When reflecting more broadly on the year we ’ ve left behind and the year ahead, there is a reason that people across the globe celebrate the arrival of every New Year. I think it ’ s because of the inherent human need to celebrate hope. Each New Year is a declaration that the past is past, and the future is what will define us. Shortly I will be scheduling Zoom meetings for employees to review the results of our Employee Engagement Survey. While the results are not where I ’ d like us to be as an organization, this only creates opportunities for improvement. I look forward to empowering employees across the organization to move our organization forward as we bounce back from the pandemic. Meanwhile, I encourage each of you to make hopeful plans as you decide what you will accomplish in 2021. Some plans may be very personal. Others may be for developing your career. We have a lot to be hopeful for in 2021.

Ted Voorhees– County Administrator

We ’ re Here For You

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Page | January, 2021

Cover image: Ice storm by Beate Casati

Board of Supervisors Member, S. Teel Goodwin Remembered The Orange County government and community are mourning the passing of Supervisor and Broadband Authority Member, S. Teel Goodwin. In his honor, the County lowered the County flag to half - staff for seven (7) days. The Board of Supervisors paused for a moment of silence at its January 12, 2021, meeting to recognize Mr. Goodwin ’ s passing. Chairman Jim Crozier said, “ Teel was a friend and colleague who passionately served his community for over thirteen years. On behalf of the Board of Supervisors, we mourn his passing and send his family, particularly his wife Linda and son Spencer, our deepest condolences. ” With wit and a steadfast commitment to public service, Mr. Goodwin was a champion for Orange County citizens, tirelessly serving for over a decade on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. Mr. Goodwin was first elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors in November 2007 and began his tenure on the Board representing the citizens of District 3 in January of 2008. He led the Board of Supervisors as Chairman in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2017 and as Vice Chairman in 2009, 2010, 2015, and 2016. Mr. Goodwin also served on the Orange County Broadband Authority as well as the Airport Commission, Economic Development Authority, Orange Downtown Alliance, Thomas Jefferson Community Criminal Justice Services Board, Water Committee, Local Emergency Planning Committee, Joint Planning Area Committee, as well as various subcommittees, such as the Joint Board/School Board Capital Improvements Program Subcommittee and Gordonsville - Orange Area Plan Subcommittee. Mr. Goodwin was a faithful and judicious public servant, who always demonstrated a devoted interest in the welfare of his community and the people he served.

Page 2 | January 2021

COVID Vaccines: Effective, Safe, and Critical to a Return to Normal

All information from the CDC website

COVID - 19 vaccination will help protect you from getting COVID - 19. Two doses are needed. Depending on the specific vaccine you get, a second shot 3 - 4 weeks after your first shot is needed to get the most protection the vaccine has to offer against this serious disease. Learn more about the benefits of getting vaccinated. It ’ s Safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA) for two COVID - 19 vaccines which have been shown to be safe and highly effective as determined by data from the manufacturers and findings from large clinical trials. These data demonstrate that the known and potential benefits of this vaccine outweigh the known and potential harms of becoming infected with the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID 19). Learn more about the different COVID - 19 vaccines. After COVID - 19 vaccination, you may have some side effects. This is a normal sign that your body is building protection. The side effects from COVID - 19 vaccination may feel like flu and might even affect your ability to do daily activities, but they should go away in a few days. Learn more about what side effects to expect and get helpful tips on how to reduce pain and discomfort after your vaccination. Can a COVID - 19 vaccine make me sick with COVID - 19? No. None of the COVID - 19 vaccines contain the live virus that causes COVID - 19 so a COVID - 19 vaccine cannot make you sick with COVID - 19. Facts about COVID - 19 Vaccines Protect others. Getting vaccinated yourself may also protect people around you, particularly people at increased risk for severe illness from COVID - 19. Experts continue to conduct more studies about the effect of COVID - 19 vaccination on severity of illness from COVID - 19, as well as its ability to keep people from spreading the virus that causes COVID - 19

Cost is not an obstacle to getting vaccinated against COVID - 19.

Vaccine doses purchased with U.S. taxpayer dollars will be given to the American people at no cost. However, vaccination providers may be able to charge administration fees for giving the shot. Vaccination providers can get this fee reimbursed by the patient ’ s public or private insurance company or, for uninsured patients, by the Health Resources and Services Administration ’ s Provider Relief Fund.

COVID - 19 vaccines are one of many important tools to help us stop this pandemic.

It ’ s important for everyone to continue using all the tools available to help stop this pandemic as we learn more about how COVID - 19 vaccines work in real - world conditions. Cover your mouth and nose with a mask when around others, stay at least 6 feet away from others, avoid crowds, and wash your hands often. Wear your mask even after vaccination until scientists determine if vaccinated individuals can still carry the virus although non - symptomatic.

Page 3 | January, 2021

Local COVID - 19 testing sites

COVID - 19 Drive - in Screening and Testing

111 Short Street Orange, VA 22960 Phone: (540) 672 - 9000 Orange Family Physicians

13198 James Madison Highway Orange, VA 22960

Phone: (540) 672 - 3010

UVA Primary Care Locust Grove

4376 Germanna Highway Locust Grove, VA 22508

Phone: (540) 972 - 7798

Photo from CDC. A nurse immunizes a patient.

Information Links

Virginia Department of Health Vaccine FAQ - 19 - faq/ CDC - coronavirus/2019 - nCoV/index.html Virginia Department of Health on vaccines - 19 - vaccine/ Coronavirus Self Checker https:// - ncov/ symptoms - testing/coronavirus - self - checker.html What to do if you are potentially exposed local - exposure/ Mayo Clinic ’ s Coronavirus State Tracking Map –Compare Orange to neighboring counties coronavirus - covid - 19/map/virginia

Orange County Fire & EMS Chief Nathan Mort receives his first COVID - 19 vaccine shot.

Page 4 | January 2021 Page 8 | October 20

Fundraising Effort For New Dog Park Underway By Tim Moubray, OCPR Director

On Tuesday, April 14, 2020, the Orange County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to allow Orange County Parks & Recreation to install a dog park at Booster Park. It will be located on approximately 1.8 acres in the upper corner of the park, across from the OC Airport, and aptly named Skydog Orange Dog Park. It will feature separate small and large dog play areas. The initial plans include fencing, water, and shade. Later agility equipment and other obstacles will be added. OCPR Director, Tim Moubray, had a vision for the mascot/ logo but admittedly lacked the artistic and computer skills to create it himself. So, he sent photos of his dog, Sierra, to Orange County High School art teacher, Jamie Howie, who quickly made several drawings. Then, OCPR Programs and Facilities Supervisor, Jayson Woods, scanned the drawing and created the logo. Orange County Parks and Recreation Foundation will fund the park through donations and grants. They chose to wait until 2021 to begin the project because of the COVID - 19 pandemic. There are short sleeve yellow t - shirts and long sleeve light blue t - shirts available for purchase in the first fundraising project. The shirts feature a large, full - color print of the logo on the front and the words, “ Give a Cheer, Give a Bark. Buy a Shirt, Build a Park ”, on the back. Shirts are available for pre - sale order at $15 for a short - sleeve shirt and $20 for a long sleeve shirt through February 5, 2021 and afterward available in the OCPR office for $20 for a short - sleeve and $25 for a long - sleeve. To order pre - sale, contact OCPR at (540) 672 - 5435. The foundation will fundraise for much of this year, and begin construction over the winter, Orange County Parks & Recreation expects to open the Skydog Orange Dog Park in the spring of 2022.

Page 5 | January, 2021

January is the deadliest month for carbon monoxide poisoning

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning depend on the level of carbon monoxide and duration of

exposure. Mild symptoms sometimes are mistaken for flu.

High - level CO poisoning results in:

Low to moderate CO poisoning results in:


Mental confusion



Shortness of breath

Loss of muscular coordination


Loss of consciousness



If you think you are experiencing any of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, go outside and get fresh air immediately. Cal 911 from outside. You could lose consciousness and die if you stay in the home.

The CDC offers these Carbon Monoxide safety tips:

• Have your furnace, water heater and any other gas or coal - burning appliances serviced by a qualified technician every year • Do not use portable flameless chemical heaters indoors • Have your chimney checked and cleaned every year, and make sure your fireplace damper is open before lighting a fire and well after the fire is extinguished • Never use a gas oven for heating your home • Never use a generator inside your home, basement or garage or less than 20 feet from any window, door or vent; fatal levels of carbon monoxide can be produced in just minutes, even if doors and windows are open • Never run a car in a garage that is attached to a house, even with the garage door open

Page 6 | January 2021

Office on Youth Faces COVID - 19 Challenges and Proves Resilient by Alicia Vines, Office on Youth Director

March 13, 2020, started like any other day for the Office on Youth (OOY) and their childcare programs. Children arrived that morning and departed for school as usual. By that afternoon, everything changed. The schools informed OOY that they would be closed until after Spring Break per the Governor's order. OOY programs sites housed in three elementary schools had to close as well. Parents were understanding even though the closures created childcare challenges. On March 23, the Governor announced that schools would close for the remainder of the 2019 - 2020 school year, and children would learn virtually. OOY committed to providing childcare for essential workers. The school system and OOY reached an agreement to open two of OOY's childcare sites, Orange Elementary and Locust Grove Primary, starting Monday, April 6, for children of essential personnel only. At first, parents requested care only at the Orange Elementary site. Within weeks childcare was needed at the Locust Grove location as well, which re - opened on May 18. OOY's third site, Gordon - Barbour, re - opened June 1 in time for the summer care program. The Virginia Department of Social Services required COVID safety changes at licensed childcare programs. The number of children in the program had to be reduced by more than half to meet social distancing requirements. Staff assigned each child an individual table and toys. Staff improved sanitizing procedures to ensure the children's spaces and toys, including the playground equipment before outside playtime, were as clean and sanitized as possible. Masks became a requirement for staff and children unless approved for a waiver (previously, the Governor's orders did not require masks for children under the age of 10). Additionally, the children and staff were screened upon entry each day, and parents were not allowed inside the buildings. That was a significant change from pre - pandemic norms when parents were encouraged to come in to interact with the staff and children.

Page 7 | January, 2021

As the new school year approached, the Orange County School System announced that the children would have two options for learning, all virtual, or a hybrid schedule in which they would attend in person 1 - 2 days per week and virtually the remaining days. OOY staff determined that due to the attendance restrictions, they could not take as many children into the Locust Grove Program as usual. OOY and the school administration cooperated to open a fourth childcare site at Lightfoot Elementary School. OOY staff quickly completed the licensing and hiring processes to ensure the site would be ready at the beginning of the school year on August 24. The Lightfoot Elementary site serves children attending Unionville Elementary, Lightfoot Elementary, and middle school students in that district. Childcare at all four sites is open to anyone in need, and no longer limited to the families of essential workers. Each location offers care from 6:30 am until their respective closing times each evening. On their virtual days, children stay at the sites all day. On their hybrid days they attend before and after - school care. Children work on their virtual school assignments for at least two hours per day with staff assistance as needed. During non - academic time staff provides creative activities for the children and encourages more outside time. OOY used Federal CARES Act Grant funds to purchase toys and games that are easier to sanitize to provide more options for the children. Many families have seen their childcare costs dramatically increase because schools are not operating full - time. To offset this financial burden, the OOY administered a grant open to families using any Orange County childcare provider. This grant provided funding assistance to cover the increase in childcare costs. During the grant period of August 24 through December 31, families' applications were reviewed and processed, and childcare providers received direct payments. By the end of November, OOY had distributed $57,160.74 in relief to local childcare providers. Safe childcare is essential so that family members may remain in the workforce. 2020 was a year of many changes, but the Office on Youth staff did not let that dampen their spirit and commitment to serve Orange County families. OOY childcare staff has been creative, resilient and has stepped up to challenges placed before them. They look forward to continuing to serve the community in 2021.

Page 8 | January 2021

Page 9 | January, 2021

Aim to Eat a Rainbow Everyday with Fruits and Vegetables

By Kaci Daniel, Extension Agent, 4 - H Youth Development

With the start of a new year, many folks resolve to eat healthier. Avoid the fad diets that don ’ t last and opt for small, consistent changes to achieve good results, like eating multiple colors everyday. With fruits and vegetables, color is an indication of nutrition—the darker the color, the more nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Red foods like strawberries, cherries, and raspberries have lycopene to help curb free radicals that can lead to cancer. Fresh or frozen, try these fruits in smoothies, but don ’ t add extra sugar. Enjoy tomatoes or sauce with whole - grain pasta, roast beets to top a salad, or add red peppers to sheet - pan chicken fajitas. Blues and purples are found in more than just blueberries. Raisins, grapes, plums, and blackberries are delicious fruits. For a hearty winter meal, cook up red cabbage, sweeten with apples, and add cloves for an extra punch of antioxidants and flavor. Green vegetables abound year - round, and winter presents many options for kale, collards, and other greens. While traditionalists may boil greens for many hours, try them in fresh salads or sautéed lightly with garlic and other herbs. Halved roasted brussels sprouts can be very kid - friendly due to their size and shape. Add cranberries for more color and flavor. Broccoli with ranch dip, grilled asparagus spears, and sliced kiwi fruit are other ways to get more green items in the diet. Oranges and yellows can be found in carrots and oranges. Keep some cut up and ready to grab from the fridge. Substitute sweet potatoes for white potatoes in recipes such as oven roasted fries, mashed potatoes, or baked. Butternut squash comes alive with flavor when roasted with rosemary and olive oil, and it makes a hearty soup! For more information about nutrition and wellness, please contact the Orange Extension office at 672 - 1361 or visit

Page 10 | January 2021

Discover New Worlds at Home with Library ’ s E - book and Audio - book Collection

The Orange County Public Library System has added hundreds of new e - books and e - audiobooks to their Overdrive collection over this past year. If you are spending more time at home these days, it ’ s the perfect time to take advantage of these resources! It ’ s easy – just download the Libby app to your device and choose our library to get started. The collection has nonfiction and fiction titles for all ages to enjoy. Many titles are available in both e - book and e - audiobook format. The library is also a member of the Blue Ridge Overdrive Consortium so you ’ ll have even more to choose from.

New adult fiction titles in our collection include Daylight by David Baldacci, Hour of the Assassin by Matthew Quirk, The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware, The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson, From

Alaska With Love by Ally James, The 20 th Victim by James Patterson, The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult, V2: A Novel of World War II by Robert Harris, A Lady ’ s Guide to Mischief & Mayhem by Manda Collins, The Silent Wife by Karin Slaughter, and Love Your Life by Sophie Kinsella. New nonfiction e - book titles include Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, The Best of Me by David Sedaris, Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey, Instagram for Dummies , A Promised Land by Barack Obama, and Code Name Madeleine: A Sufi Spy in Nazi - Occupied Paris by Arthur Magida. Young adult and kids fiction titles include both new and classic books: The Cousins by Karen McManus, The Thirteenth Fairy by Melissa De La Cruz, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Wrecking Ball by Jeff Kinney, A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond, The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog by Mo Willems, Pete the Cat: Pete ’ s Big Lunch by James Dean, The Last Kids on Earth: June ’ s Wild Flight by Max Brallier, The Box Car Children: Mystery on the Ice , and Royal Wedding Disaster by Meg Cabot. There are also many nonfiction books available to help with remote learning and home schooling.

You can also access even more e - books and e - audiobooks by joining The Library of Virginia: Find It Virginia Library in Libby. Just add it to your libraries in Libby and you ’ ll have access to all those titles as well. Discover the Joy of Reading in the New Year!!

Page 11 | January, 2021

The Orange County Public Library has opened their collection of eBooks and other digital materials to all Orange County students. Students can now use their school sign on to access the eBooks. Almost 400 items have already been borrowed in the first month of the program. Popular series such as Harry Potter , Diary of a Wimpy Kid , Captain Underpants , Nathan Hale ’ s Hazardous Tales and Dog Man are here. The library offers plenty of classics like Matilda , Adventures of Tom Sawyer , Little House on the Prairie , Chronicles of Narnia and To Kill a Mockingbird . The online delivery app also allows us to provide a number of graphic novels and comics such as series: The Last Airbender, Spider - Man, Ms. Marvel, Wings of Fire and Percy Jackson . Sometimes audiobooks can really bring a story to life. Many audiobooks use professional actors as narrators. Jim Dale won many awards for his narration of the Harry Potter series. Library Director Katie Hill stated that as a librarian she felt guilty for not having read the books and decided to listen to them and was entranced. “ Listening to the voice of the narrator allowed me to imagine and see the events in my mind more vividly than a movie, ” said Hill. The Library ’ s collection includes picture books, non - fiction, and fiction for ages from preschool through teen. The library added several hundred new items for youth in December. The Sora reading app offers lots of ways to help students, too including a dyslexic font option, scalable font size, adjustable speed on audio playback, word lookup, note taking, and more. The Sora app is tied to grade level so that content is appropriate for students. Parents can also find materials to support their children ’ s learning. Series like “ Everything You Need to Ace ” Math, Chemistry, World History, etc., Dummies books like Calculus for Dummies, Biology for Dummies and Physics I for Dummies can help. Homeschoolers can access the same materials using Overdrive rather than Sora and their public library card. The Orange County Public Libraries have recently expanded their Wi - Fi to blanket their parking lots. Because most Overdrive items can be downloaded for offline use, families can park and download their books for use at home later. Orange County Public Library Teams Up with Orange County Schools to Enhance Reading and Literacy Through eBooks and E - audiobooks

The Orange County Public Library welcomes students to our Overdrive digital collections and Sora.

Page 12 | January 2021

Office On Youth Names Award in Honor of Sharon Mohrmann

by Alisha Vines Director of the Office on Youth

The Orange County Youth Commission is pleased to announce a new award to the annual Garvis Huff Outstanding Youth and Youth Advocate Award ceremony starting in 2021. The new award will be named the “ Sharon Mohrmann Outstanding Elementary Student ” award in honor of longtime Orange County Public School employee, Sharon Mohrmann. The award will recognize 3rd – 5th graders across Orange County for their outstanding accomplishments. Currently, the program only recognizes, middle and high school students and adults.

Sharon Mohrmann crafting with children

Mrs. Mohrmann has worked with Orange County Public Schools for the past 38 years and currently serves as the Gifted and Talented Teacher for Orange Elementary School. Her efforts to make the world a better place for her students include coaching Destination Imagination Teams when volunteers were not available, helping students plant raised garden beds to allow them to harvest and enjoy a salad in the spring, and planting pumpkins in the fall that produced enough so that each of the OES Kindergarteners received one to take home. Additionally, Mrs. Mohrmann has written numerous grants during her time with OCPS to secure funding to purchase supplies to enhance the learning opportunities for her students. Mrs. Mohrmann is an inspiration. Judy Anderson, OCPS Director of Elementary Instruction, stated that Mrs. Mohrmann “ works tirelessly to serve the students, school, and community. She generously gives her time and talents to provide encouragement and opportunities for others. In challenging times such as these, Sharon has found a way to spread her contagious optimism and passion for learning ”. The inaugural “ Sharon Mohrmann Outstanding Elementary Student ” award will be presented at the 2021 Garvis Huff Award Ceremony. “ Following the true spirit of the awards ceremony, and the legacy of Garvis Huff, a founding member of the Office on Youth and Youth Commission, this additional award will acknowledge the dynamic work being done within our community and is a way to honor a person who has touched so many lives ”, stated Mrs. Vines. The Office on Youth is delighted to share the wonderful ideas and accomplishments of our younger population who make their community a better place. Nomination forms for the 2021 awards ceremony will be available at the beginning in February on the Orange County website. The ceremony, normally held in March, will this year be held later because of limitations on gathering due to COVID - 19.

Page 13 | January, 2021

Final Wireless Hot Spot Goes Live

Orange County received $1,999,620 from the Commonwealth of Virginia for broadband funding pursuant to the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) for a wireless hotspot project. The hotspots are an innovative solution that provides access to free Wi - Fi for students, small business, teleworkers, and residents. The grant award helped Orange County in conjunction with FiberLync, the operating entity of the Orange County Broadband Authority, to build thirty - one (31) miles of optical fiber and rapidly deploy a county - wide network of Wi - Fi hotspots that place 5,791 homes within two (2) miles of a free Wi - Fi hotspot. The Wi - Fi hotspots were placed throughout the county in partnership with over a dozen community facilities including churches, parks, and fire stations. Orange County Administrator Theodore L. Voorhees noted, “ The wireless hotspot project provides a viable and timely solution to Orange County citizens struggling with internet connectivity. We appreciate this generous grant from the Commonwealth which will free up local dollars to make fiber connections to residents beginning in 2021.”

Locations went live on these dates:

November 20, 2020: • Mount Zion Baptist Church – 4288 Governor Almond Road, Locust Grove, Virginia 22508 • Barboursville Volunteer Fire – 5251 Spotswood Trail, Barboursville, Virginia 22923 Friday, December 4, 2020: • Zoar Baptist Church – 31334 Zoar Road, Locust Grove, Virginia 22508 • Little Zion Baptist Church – 15116 Tomahawk Creek Rd, Orange, Virginia 22923 • Intersection of Route 522 and Route 20 – (next to) the East Orange Ruritan Club at 24100 Constitution Hwy, Unionville, Virginia 22567

Example of coverage area of a hot spot (shaded in orange)

Friday, December 11, 2020: • Shady Grove Baptist Church – 21024 Piney Woods Road, Orange, Virginia 22960 • Barboursville Community Park – 5260 Governor Barbour Street, Barboursville, Virginia 22923 Friday, December 18, 2020: North Pamunkey Baptist Church – 15109 Pamunkey Lane, Orange, Virginia 2296 Tuesday December 22, 2020: The final wireless hotspot located at Mountainview Community Church – 23540 Racoon Ford Rd, Culpeper, Virginia 22701

Page 14 | January 2021

Cheer Abounds During Holiday Spirit Week

By Michelle Williams, Deputy Clerk & FOIA Officer

The Orange County Administration Office created a Holiday Spirit Week to drive camaraderie and cheerfulness organization - wide for the 2020 holiday season. Beginning on Monday, December 14th, employees were encouraged to wear festive footwear, holiday headgear, magical masks, and snazzy sweaters. There was much excitement from staff and several submitted photos. In 2019, an Administration Office staff member put together a Holiday Door Decorating Contest for the Gordon Building, and it was a success! With all that has happened in 2020, the Administration Office thought it would be a great idea to include every department in this year ’ s contest. Participants were invited to decorate as a group, department, or individually. There were nine (9) entries, with six (6) departments and thee (3) teleworkers from the Department of Social Services. Awards were given to the Virginia Cooperative Extension Office for Most Festive, the Gordon Building Maintenance Staff for Most Creative, and a special award, created by County Administrator, Ted Voorhees, was awarded to Sabrina Gundros with the Department of Social Services for Most Inspirational Remote Office.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Office: Most Festive

Page 15 | January, 2021

Gordon Building Maintenance Staff : Most Creative

Sabrina Gundros with the Department of Social Services: Most Inspirational Remote Office.

Library staff sporting holiday headgear

ECC staff in holiday head gear.

Page 16 | January 2021

Citizens Ask...

Q: I ’ m moving to Orange County. Who provides the following services: cable, internet, trash pickup, electric, and water services?

A: If you ’ re working with a realtor, they should be able to assist you in determining the utility providers.

For cable and internet services, Comcast, DIRECTV and Dish Network are commonly used. Additionally, contact FiberLync for up - to - date broadband information at (540) 661 - 5345.

Dominion Energy, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative and Central Virginia Electric Cooperative are the three providers of electricity for Orange County.

Town of Gordonsville - contact the Town Treasurer ’ s Office at (540) 832 - 2233, for water, sewer, and trash collection.

Town of Orange - contact the Town Municipal Building at (540) 672 - 1020, located at 119 Belleview Avenue, Orange.

Lake of the Woods - contact the Administrative Office at (540) 972 - 2237, or visit

Join us in spreading cybersecurity awareness and encourage everyone to own their role in protecting internet - connected devices. “ Do Your Part.#BeCyberSmart. ” Visit for more information. Cybersecurity Tips

Page 17 | January, 2021 Page 17 | January, 2021

The beauty of a recent ice storm

Jenna Wedding Payroll Accountant Employment Date 09/10/18

Get to know Orange County staff... The Personnel File:

Jenna Wedding is a dedicated and tireless staff member. Sara Keeler, Finance Manager, shared this praise, “ Jenna has faced many challenges in payroll, in just the past year. She takes every new hurdle with a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I have never seen her mad or upset. She works late on a daily basis, and often gives up her weekends and holidays to make sure we all get paid accurately and on time. She is simply an amazing employee and Orange County is very lucky to have her working here. ” Some of the challenges that Jenna rose to last year were: Converting staff to ESS from paper time sheets (still in progress); COVID reporting and tracking due to changes with the IRS and

reporting to the state; bonus pays, hazard pay, and COLA all at the same time; change of benefits administrator and the process for how deductions are applied in payroll; and chasing timesheets and approvals due to staff working remotely or on COVID leave. Jenna lives in Reva with her husband Brian and dog Lucy. She loves spending time with her friends and family as well as cheering for her favorite sports teams which include Virginia Tech, the Washington Football Team, and the Nationals.

Page 18 | January 2021

Orange County Communications Department 112 W. Main Street P.O. Box 111 Orange, VA 22960


Meet Corey -

Corey needs a stable and loving home. Corey is slowly decompressing after having his world turned upside down when he lost his home. There were many changes to his life during the 5 years he was adopted. One was the addition of a baby who become a toddler. He did well with the other cat in the home, but dealing with a toddler who didn't understand boundaries was said to be too much. Corey was returned to the shelter. Corey is a big handsome boy looking for a home without children or with children old enough to respect and understand that sometimes animals need to be alone and have quiet time. He is house trained, neutered, and vaccinated.

Visit us on Facebook See Adoptable Pets Here (540) 672 - 1124 Directions: 11362 Porter Road Orange VA 22960

The Orange County Animal Shelter

Page 19 | January, 2021

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