Zionsville PT: Is it Muscle Strain?

Is It A Muscle Strain? IDENTIFYING AMUSCLE TEAR/STRAIN ZPT GaZette The Newsletter About Your Health And Caring For Your Body

August 2017

Bear in mind that most back pain feels like a “true muscle strain of the low back muscles,” but likely is not. A true strain — a genuine ripping and tearing of muscle tissue — can occur only duringasignificantexertion, like lifting something you shouldn’t. But, believe it or not, even most traumaticliftingaccidentsprobably do not involve actual muscle tearing— it just seems that way. To tear any muscle, you really have to pull on it very hard! What if you just aren’t sure if your back pain involves a true muscle strain or not? Telling the difference can be

tricky for both patients and professionals.

What you should do... If you have answered yes to any of these quick questions then you have more than likely damaged your muscles with a muscle strain. The question is what to do next. In the case of a low back muscle strain, you can apply ice. Then get on the phone and call the experts at Zionsville Physical Therapy, the sooner you’re evaluated the better. Our physical therapy experts will put you on a program to get you moving freely again!

Here’s a quick checklist: • Did the pain hit you suddenly during strong stretching or a moment of athletic intensity? • Were you lifting something too heavy and/or awkward? In other words, did you have an “oh, shoot” moment? • Is there a spot in the muscle that’s extremely sensitive to poking? (It may even be a little bit deformed—is there a bump or a depression?) • Is the skin flushed and hot? Does it look puffy?



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