The Ripple - Digital Transformation - Edition 2/2020


. Strategically positioned messaging: Posting notes on the refrigerator for the grocery list of items which need to be bought so that others can do

The powerful analogy of "Sticky Notes"

the shopping

To-do Reminders: Placing sticky notes in a visible location with one to-do item per sticky note Brainstorming: Using sticky notes to write down thoughts and arranging them on a board Temporary Mind-Map: Rearranging items into clusters or categories prior to transferring them into a more permanent format Filing system: Using sticky notes of different colors to identify where documents are to be filed 3M Post-It Notes® (hereafter referred to as "sticky notes") were discovered when a 3M scientist - Dr. Spencer Silver - developed an adhesive that stuck lightly to surfaces but didn't bond with them. At the time, he had no clue how this kind of glue could be used. Years went by with- out finding a commercial use. It was only until Art Fry, another 3M scientist became frustrated by the fact that the little paper pieces which he placed in his church's hymn book would constantly fall out, that the first use of sticky notes was born. They could be used as bookmarks! Since that beginning, myriads of ways of using sticky notes have been "discovered". Here’s an initial list (and there are certainly many more!)

Thank you notes: Using notes to leave as a thank-you note for someone, sending kudos to a colleague/friend

for a job well done, or offer an encouraging word.


Keyboard cleaner: Catching

A coaster: Placing a sticky note (more than one is better!) under a cold drink to protect the surface of a table Party decor: Hanging strips of post-its in different colors from the ceiling to add ambiance to the celebration A Safe: Creating an unexpected place to store valuables by hollowing out a sticky note block the debris and dust in the little spaces between computer keys. A strip of a sticky note picks up this debris between the keys

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