The Ripple - Digital Transformation - Edition 2/2020

digital disruption by mastering new skills through continual learning.

Yes, markets are being disrupted and traditional products are becoming obsolete. Yes, new competitors are unexpectedly One of the central questions which were asked in the survey addressed the nature of the threat which organizations face as a result of digital trends: Yes, the more an organization takes arising - seemingly from nowhere. steps to digitalize, the more cybersecurity issues are encountered. Identifying all these threats and ranking them as big threats to organizations was to be expected. However, the number one threat which was identified may be a bit of a surprise for many companies undertaking measures for a digital transformation.

An effective response to the changing environment must involve all aspects of the organization. This includes concrete actions and clear communication about how the organization is changing. Unfortunately the organizational congruence needed to mount this type of response is sorely lacking at many companies:

Some executives may not understand enough about the emerging technology to plan strategies, make necessary changes and/or understand the urgency of the task. Investors may care more about short-term profits than the long-term viability of the company. Many leaders who are approaching retirement may not have the interest and/or energy to invest in change which will be necessary in order to adapt for a future beyond their tenure at a company. Employees may not sufficiently understand the need or be encouraged to learn the necessary skills to be able to work and collaborate in teams in fast-moving and ambiguous conditions. Last but not least, clear communication about digital strategy and why certain changes are key for success may not be occurring and, as a result, employees on all levels may be 'in the dark' about the company's emerging future.


All levels of an organization need to learn, grow and adapt in order to become a truly digital organization. C-Suite executives need to propose a bold new vision about how their organizations will adapt to this constantly changing world. Project managers must create an operating environment which is more conducive to effective work and collaboration in a digital age. Employees need to respond to

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