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Kim’s Daughter Harnesses Her Baking Talents Recently, I was put on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. When faced with this diet, most people resort to repeatedly eatingmeat and vegetables until they run out of every possible combination. But lucky for me, I’m related to the best gluten-free baker there is: my daughter. Megan’s cookies are so light and delectable that you would swear they were normal, full-gluten cookies. Megan has had to cut all forms of gluten fromher diet due to a sensitivity that is related to Celiac and her 2016 diagnosis of a little-known autonomic nervous syndrome, called POTS. Readers will remember our family’s fear prior to her diagnosis and the relief and gratitude we’ve felt since she acquired Nora, her service dog. Nora never ceases to amaze our family with her protection talents. She takes all attempts to protect Megan at all times. Since the diagnosis, a new reality has set in for Megan, and she’s taken it all in incredible stride. Megan is continuing to pursue her Ph.D. —with Nora by her side, of course—and hopes to someday help people just like her. But without realizing it, she’s already helping her mom. Because Megan is so talented with gluten-free baking, and because I now have to adhere to that diet, she, my daughter-in-lawMarissa, and I are starting a new holiday tradition. This fall season, the three of us got together to learnmore about gluten-free baking fromMegan. Megan will be able to teachme more about the foods I can still enjoy withmy new lifestyle, and we’ll start a unique family tradition together. Megan’s talents in the kitchen remindme of someone very special tome. My mom was one of the best bakers I’ve ever known, yet her own two daughters grumble over having tomake a boxed cake. Baking is just not an interest for us. Megan, on the other A Gluten-Free Christmas

hand, has been gifted with her grandma’s baking gene. It’s a tiny connection tomy mom that makes me smile because Megan was so little whenmy mompassed away.

Momwas a whiz when it came to pies, cakes, and sweets. She made these large, intricate wedding cakes for her friends. Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for me to come home to decorative flowers, and leaves in the freezer made of icing. At home, she was known for her deep and rich apple pie. Each pie was always adorned with a beautiful top crust, and there was nothing quite like a dollop of melting ice creamon top of a hearty serving. It’s still my favorite treat to this day. Megan was able to create a gluten-free formof Mom’s apple pie. It was delicious. I alsomade Mom’s (full gluten) pie for my husband Jim and his Mom. They both loved it and Jim is ready for me to make that one again. I’m excited to add this tradition with her and Marissa to our family’s fall calendar each year. This will only add to the excitement of the first Christmas with our newest grandbaby and first granddaughter, Lilah—who was featured on November’s cover. I’m intrigued to learn more from my daughter as I begin this gluten-free journey. As a medical professional, I know the impact gluten can have on your diet, especially on silent inflammation and healing. Gluten will increase silent inflammation in my body, so sometimes, a gluten-free or paleo diet is necessary to help people live a pain-free life.

Plus, when you have a daughter whose gluten-free baking reminds you of your mother’s famous full-gluten baking, it’s pretty easy to adapt.

Happy holidays from all of us at Stretch Physical Therapy andTotal Wellness!

–Kim Nartker



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