The Co-operative Funeralcare - Your Guide to a Funeral


What to do when someone dies

Things to consider for the funeral arrangement Contact and appointment details for funeral director: • Do you want to spend time with your loved one at the funeral director’s reflection room (also known as a chapel of rest), or perhaps bring them home before the funeral? Is the coffin to be open or closed? This may affect decisions about preservative treatment (embalming) of the deceased. • What style of funeral is required – traditional religious, a civil funeral (which may include some religious elements) or a funeral with no religious content? Do you want a private burial or cremation followed by a thanksgiving/memorial event? The major decision is whether to have a burial or cremation if this is not predetermined by your religion or culture. This will help you decide where the funeral is to take place. • Your answer to the question about the style of funeral will influence other content such as ideas about music and readings. • Do you want a funeral cortège (i.e. the hearse and any following cars) to leave from a family home or will people assemble at the place of the ceremony?

Immediate concerns

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