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Benefits People can be on benefits for a variety of reasons and a change of circumstances, especially the death of a partner, can affect your own entitlement. After a death, income may fall if a work pension is lost, or it may fall at first and then rise due to an inheritance; which may take you over the threshold for some benefits or mean you have to pay tax. All information gathered from and correct at the time of printing – December 2023 All rights reserved. This leaflet is advisory and acts as a sign-post to help you understand what financial support may be available to you. All financial support from HM Government is subject to individual circumstances and eligibility. Speak to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Bereavement Service for more details. Phone the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Bereavement Service to check if: • you can get bereavement benefits • the death will affect any other benefits you’re already claiming

DWP Bereavement Service Telephone: 0800 731 0469 Textphone: 0800 731 0464

If you are not using a professional to deal with probate for you we recommend you call the Bereavement Service as soon as possible to avoid any over-payment of benefits which would then have to be repaid from the estate to the government. See the Government website for the most up to date information regarding bereavement benefits.


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