The Co-operative Funeralcare - Your Guide to a Funeral


What to do when someone dies

Items you should return You should return the following, with a note of explanation and the date of death with each of the documents: • Order books, payable orders or giro cheques to the Social Security office or other DWP office which issued the payment. This applies also to a child benefit book which includes payment for a child who has died; orders should not be cashed after the payee’s death; it may be useful to keep a record of pension book numbers or other Social Security numbers before you send anything back • The deceased’s passport to the Passport Office; you can get the address from the Post Office • The deceased’s driving licence to the DVLA, Swansea SA6 7GL • The registration documents of a car for the change of ownership to be recorded • Season travel cards and membership tickets to the office of issue (for refunds) • Membership cards of clubs and associations; claim any refund due • Library books and tickets • Any National Insurance papers to the relevant office • Any NHS equipment such as wheelchairs, hearing aids or prosthesis • Credit, cashpoint and cheque guarantee cards and chequebooks to the appropriate credit card company or bank • Road Tax and TV Licence for refund


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