Griffin Architectural Metals

Restaurants - between dining floor and food prep area Buffet - glass guards over foods to prevent the spread of airborne contaminants Banks - between customers and tel lers . Blast resistant glass avai lable . Stores - customer service areas / counters separate customers from workers Offices - separate open concept areas whi le al lowing l ight to penetrate Displays - encase your valuables with an attractive and functional design Hotels - protect self - serve food areas with custom guards Protective glass partitions can be customized , fabricated , and instal led for use in any commercial setting . Anywhere that customers and workers need to be divided by a clear , easy to clean , safe glass unit , we wi l l meet your needs . Some appl ications include : BONUS : Our faci l ity can digital ly print any design , logo , or image onto your glass to al low for a modicum of privacy , a splash of color , or recognition with your company logo , name or slogan .

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