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Your ability to walk is an amazingly complex system of muscles, nerves, and joints working in harmony. If you suffer from hip, knee, or leg pain, the normal movement of this complicated system has been affected in one way or another. Knee and Hip Pain Knee or hip pain can occur for many reasons, but is a mechanical problem, meaning that the joint and muscles supporting it are not functioning properly. Even though a person has arthritis in their joint, it doesn’t mean that they will have pain from it. Pain and inflammation only begin when the joint doesn’t move properly and pressures increase. Many knee problems come from poor tracking of the kneecap or patella. The kneecap has to move up and down in the groove on the femur bone when you bend your knee. It is also where your strong thigh muscles attach. The kneecap sits on fat pads that provide cushioning. However, when the tissue around the kneecap becomes tighter, the kneecap presses further into the fat pads, making them irritated and thicker over time. This affects the normal flow of joint fluid around the inside of the knee and actually dries out the knee over time causing more friction and pain. 22 million (9.8%) of all adults older than the age of 18 years have arthritis and arthritis attributable activity limitation


A Simple Solution An easy way to relieve knee pain is to ensure normal kneecap motion is restored. Our experts evaluate the true cause of your knee pain, treat the movement problem and restore the normal strength around the knee. We have years of training to analyze the movement of your body and pinpoint the source of your problem. This allows for accurate treatment without

the need for elaborate and expensive testing. Ultimately, your knee pain will be relieved quickly and your ability to walk, run and squat restored! We also work closely with your physician and can help you recover quickly if you have had surgery. Call us today to learn more about how physical therapy can help you live life pain free.

Got me back to playing soccer!

Patient Spotlight

“The people that work at Elite PT take good care and pride in their work. They have the nicest facilities around and are very up-to- date. The myth of ‘PT hurts‘ is not always true. It makes the pain go away! Definitely got me back to playing soccer at Webb School.” -Ethan C.

Shelbyville: (931) 684-0027 Cool Springs: (615) 224-9810 Spring Hill: (931) 489-2022 Call For An Appointment Today!

Do you want a natural solution to your pain? Gain your freedom from pain medication and avoid costly surgery with physical therapy! People who go to physical therapy experience: Naturally improve balance. Prevent future injuries. Be more active with your friends and family. Have more energy. Feel better at work.

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15 Years Of Elite Physical Therapy

Elite Physical Therapy began with an idea and a large leap of faith in God, in 2001. Julie Shoemake and Kasey Cartwright Parsons opened Elite Physical Therapy in October 2001. Elite’s first location was 1114 North Main St. in Shelbyville, TN with only two employees, Julie and Kasey. The community welcomed us and our new business with unbelievable support, and by December, we hired our first employee. As the support grew we quickly doubled and tripled in patients and by 2003, we had a staff of 5. At that point, Elite decided to take another leap of faith and grow into a second facility. At that time, the city of Spring Hill was in its initial peak of growth and there were very few rental spaces available. Our first location was in a historical older home on Main Street with high ceiling, cracks in the floor, and had many challenges of its own. After months of property searching, we purchased the old Spring Hill post office. It too had many challenges in structure and design. We hired a contractor and began demolition of walls, ceilings,

restrooms, barred up windows, and the face of the building. By 2004, we moved into our “new” Elite clinic with an open house and full of pride with our first very own business property. Spring Hill has proven to be a wonderful town and we have developed thousands of relationships and friendships through our therapy services and community involvement over the years. By 2005, we had cultivated excellent working relationships with physicians in Franklin and decided to expand once again. The 3rd Elite was located in a medical building on Mallory Lane in Cool Springs. Again, it was not a preferred location, therefore in 2006, we moved into a suite in the Aspen Brook Complex on Aspen Grove Road, where we were surrounded by physicians, imaging and other medical support where we are still located to this day. We have been blessed to be part of such a professional establishment and loving caring customers. Bedford County has been very good to Elite Physical Therapy. We strive to provide

the best therapy and customer service available, therefore when we realized we neededmore space, we purchased property adjacent to the clinic on North Main in 2011 and began to develop a modernized facility to better accommodate the community needs. Elite has grown not only in facilities over the years, but excellent programs to better serve our customers. We offer spinal decompression, orthopedic therapies, post- op therapies, fully encompassing balance program with harnesses, virtual reality and Biodex training, and the Anti-Gravity Treadmill where patients can walk with as little as 20% of their body weight. We at Elite cannot express deeply enough the gratitude that we feel to the communities, the physicians, and the industries for all the support we have been shown over the last 15 years in Bedford, Maury, and Williamson Counties. We pray the Lord will continue to bless us and give us the knowledge and strength for many more years of service to our customers.

Practice Updates Certified Balance & Vestibular Therapists Now Available! Elite Now Has Harness Systems …Takes the Fear of Falling Away!

Elite Physical Therapy now has harness systems! These systems takes the fear of falling away! Schedule your appointment now to start working on a healthy journey towards a more active and balanced life!

Feel Better, Do More & Save Money This Holiday Season!

15 th th

The end of the year is approaching faster than you think. Now is the time to take advantage of unused insurance benefits. Remember, what you don’t use by the end of the year you lose.

Not sure if Physical Therapy can help? Call to schedule a Free Consult with a licensed physical therapist now and address those “aches/pains” that are slowing you down.

Elite Physical Therapy is happy to celebrate 15 years of service to our successful and devoted patients!


Exercise Essentials Try these simple exercises to keep you moving... Always consult your physical therapist or physician before starting exercises you are unsure of doing.

HAMSTRING STRETCH While sitting, tighten your top thigh muscle to press the back of your knee downward towards the ground. Repeat 10 times on both legs.

HIP HIKES While standing up on a step, lower one leg downward towards the floor by tilting your pelvis to the side. Then return the pelvis/leg back to a leveled position. Repeat 10 times on both legs.

Improves hip strength & flexibility

Helps with knee stiffness



Who do you know that needs our help?

Refer a Friend Do You Have Friends or Family Unable to Do The Following? 9 Move without pain 9 Bend and move freely

9 Balance confidently and securely 9 Sit for long periods comfortably 9 Walk for long distances 9 Live an active and healthy lifestyle

If you know someone suffering with aches and pains give the gift of health. Refer them to Elite Physical Therapy today. Pass along this newsletter or have them call us directly for a FREE Back Pain or Posture Assessment.


Shelbyville: (931) 684-0027 Cool Springs: (615) 224-9810 Spring Hill: (931) 489-2022

Shelbyville 1116 North Main Street Shelbyville, TN 37160 Phone: (931) 684-0027 Fax: (931) 684-0112

Cool Springs 3310 Aspen Grove Drive, Ste 202 Franklin, TN 37067 Phone: (615) 224-9810 Fax: (615) 224-9844

Spring Hill 5290 Main Street

Spring Hill, TN 37174 Phone: (931) 489-2022 Fax: (931) 489-2036



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