2022 Marine Catalog

BlueCool Self-Contained Units Application Guidelines

For a complete self-contained unit, please select the following:

Core unit Please select the core unit according to the required cooling capacity.

See page 132

See page 174

A Air-conditioning unit

B MyTouch display

Position A and B as well as the following components are included in the scope of delivery: ƒ Electric cable and control box ƒ Installation manual ƒ Remote cabin temperature sensor 3 m

ƒ Display cable 5 m ƒ Operating manual

Accessories Please order separately the accessories for the application consisting of:

See page 194

See page 194

C Soft Starts

D Vibration absorber

Air system Please order separately the air ducting system for the application consisting of:

See page 184

See page 186

E Return air grille

F Air ducting

See page 185

See page 184

G Transition box

H Supply air grille

Sea water circuit Please order separately the components for the sea water circuit consisting of:

See page 192

I Sea water inlet

J Sea water strainer

K Sea water pump

L Closing valve

See page 178

See page 116

M Overboard discharge

N Water hose

See page 191


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