2022 Marine Catalog

BlueCool P-Series Project Assistance and Support

A chiller system always needs to be customized to each boat in order to meet the demands of shipyards, owners, classification societies and national legislation. We support you in this process with our expertise and the tools we have developed for this.

Specification and quotation tool This tool should be used for all A/C projects to

ƒ Precisely calculate the cooling and heating demand for each cabin depending on boat characteristics, performance requirements and usage conditions ƒ Determine the fresh air requirements of larger boats ƒ Select your bill of material from the entire product portfolio ƒ Summarize technical data of the chosen key components As a result the chiller and air handlers are correctly sized to the individual demand of each boat. Chiller configurator tool This tool is used by Webasto to ƒ Select the available options for a chiller unit, see Options 1, 2, 3, 6 on previous pages ƒ Select the available electrical options, see Options 4 and 5 on previous pages As a result your chiller and electronic box will receive an individual part number which is uniquely used for your project.

Engineering support Our project engineers support you in various phases of a project delivering to you ƒ A/C system concepts ƒ Piping diagrams ƒ Electrical wiring schematics ƒ On-site support to understand and determine the optimal A/C configuration





Part number

D15 D22 D28

15 mm 22 mm 28 mm

12 mm WBCL002510 18 mm WBCL002511 23 mm WBCL002512

Installation and commissioning support Our project engineers can support you on demand during the installation and commissioning phase of your project with ƒ Technical support to answer your questions

ƒ On-site support and audit ƒ Check of your installation ƒ Support during system commissioning


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