2022 Marine Catalog

BlueCool Connect One Device Gets All Connections Done

One device gets all connections done. Mobile network, Garmin OneHelm™, WiFi, Ethernet. BlueCool Connect turns connectivity into a child’s play.

Easy operation of all BlueCool Series via smart phone: ƒ Easy access via BlueCool Connect app

ƒ Inbuild SIM automatically connects to mobile network in EU, USA and Canada ƒ Additional Ethernet connector to hook up into boats internet connection ƒ All connected A/C units can be accessed and controlled individually ƒ Multiple users can be set up to access the A/C systems ƒ Works even locally WiFi-based when no mobile network is available ƒ Access all your BlueCool devices with your smart phone from anywhere in the world Integration into your Garmin MFD via OneHelm™: ƒ Ethernet connection for easy MFD integration ƒ Using your existing MFD to control all A/C systems ƒ Integrated BlueCool webserver displaying Webasto screens ƒ Single operation via MFD, smart phone, MyTouch display or everything connected in parallel

Remote control center for all operations and diagnosis: ƒ Worldwide access to all connected A/C units via tablet / notebook ƒ Complete BlueCool Expert Tool functionality via remote connection ƒ Remote software updates ƒ Easy parameters read out and changing ƒ Remote troubleshooting ƒ Back-up and upload of application-specific presets ƒ Save individual presets or load standard presets ƒ Real-time system monitoring ƒ Access to data logs ƒ All relevant data are stored for easy review ƒ Check function of all components and connected accessories


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