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Learn How to Get Your Message Across

Fierce Conversations

So often, we talk to our friends, coworkers, and loved ones without actually saying anything. We’ll beat around the bush on important subjects or hesitate to bring up sensitive matters. Global business coach and best-selling author Susan Scott has set out to change that. In her book Fierce Conversations , Scott argues that the key to get more out of our personal and professional relationships is to learn to lower our barriers and convey our message honestly. Fierce Conversations is one of those works born out of a simple idea with big implications. As the author explains it, “While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship, or a life, any single conversation can.” By having the communication skills necessary to create lasting bonds, handle strong emotions, and overcome barriers, you’ll be prepared when crucial conversations present themselves.

“fierce” with “aggressive.” However, as a master of meaningful communication, Scott has found that it’s important not to force emotions one way or the other. As she observes, “If your behavior contradicts your values, your body knows.” Instead of relying on fake bravado or false modesty, the author argues it’s better that the bravery be genuine. Breaking down those social barriers to be authentic in our conversations takes true ferocity. Scott does more than simply explain why frank and honest communication is important; she gives readers the tools to get there. Having spent years as a business coach, and now as the head of a firm that trains CEOs around the globe, Scott is well-versed in the art of teaching exercises. Fierce Conversations is brimming with action items, tactics, and tailor-made examples of how to communicate in every situation, from board meetings to parenting. If you’re someone who likes concrete guides over vague concepts, this book will pleasantly surprise you.

Those who tend to judge a book by its cover may make the mistake of associating the word

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The Best Insurance Lawyers Study Insurance Practices, Not Just Insurance Law

The best insurance lawyers are students of the insurance industry rather than just students of insurance law. I learned this truth from insurance claims expert Gary Fye and the late Eugene Anderson. Let me paraphrase what Anderson used to tell me: “For the same reason doctors don’t learn medicine by reading medical malpractice case law, judges and lawyers wanting to understand insurance should not expect to learn insurance by reading insurance case law.” Amen. So, why do so many lawyers profess to be specialists in insurance law after a few years of practicing law or doing some cases in a particular field of insurance? Probably because their potential clients do not know that the best insurance lawyers study at least as much about insurance operations, claims practices, and what the insurance companies are teaching their own insurance adjusters as they do insurance case law.

extensive repository of insurance industry reference materials and books, so their attorneys can access and use those in cases. At the Merlin Law Group, we not only have that library but also a law librarian. Their job is to help us track down reference materials to help us destroy the creative, but clearly wrong, arguments that the insurance defense attorneys make. I do not want to be one of those leaders in my law firm that exemplifies “do as I say, not as I do.” I gave a unique speech at the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters Spring Conference about why being a public adjuster is so important to policyholders and the public. One topic I mentioned was the inherent requirement to be the best you can be for the people you are serving. I stressed the importance of learning and obtaining certificates to show the world your knowledge as a commitment to yourself, your clients, and the public.

Most newer law firms no longer have a law firm library because all of the case law is available on the internet. The best insurance law firms have an

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