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ready. Researchers shared data, which helped quickly produce potential vaccine candidates. Pharmaceutical companies then ran clinical trials on those, andall vaccines had topass three phases of clinical trials togain approval. Finally, governments around theworld funded the efforts. Are the vaccines safe? All research and clinical trials show that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe. And while the vaccines were developed in less than a year,

they all needed to complete the same clinical trials and regulatory procedures as any other vaccine. Are there side effects? You might feel tired and get headaches, body aches, and the chills after a shot. You may also have pain or swelling where you got the shot. But those usually last less than a week. Plus this means that your immune system is getting ready to get to work.


COVID-19 Vaccines : What You Need to Know

Answers to five common questions about the new vaccines.


How can I get vaccinated? Each state has its own vaccination plan. Contact your health care provider to see if you’re eligible.

The COVID-19 vaccines have arrived, and people across the country are getting their first or second dose of the vaccine. That’s good news. But plenty of people still have questions about vaccines and how they work. Here are answers to five of themost common ones. How do the vaccines work? Vaccines allow your immune system to create antibodies against a specific organism. The COVID-19 vaccine helps your body produce the antibodies needed to fight COVID-19. It typically takes a few weeks for a vaccine to help you reach full immunity. The COVID-19 vaccines are no different.

You can still catch COVID-19 after you’ve been vaccinated — and before your system has built up its defenses. That’swhy you still need towear amask, practice social distancing, andwashyour hands. How did the vaccines get created so quickly? Creating a vaccine in less than a year is a huge job. But researchers had some advantages. Scientists have been studying viruses like COVID-19 for more than 50 years. So when the pandemic began spreading, the global medical community was

Note : We’ve put together a COVID-19 page on Medica.comwith more answers to top questions, details on how to get care, and more. You’ll find it here:

Katie Lajiness is the assistant editor of Be.Well by Medica.


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