Be.Well by Medica 2021 Medicare Spring Issue

F I VE WAYS TO BOOST YOUR METABOL I SM In your 20s, you ate whatever you wanted. Now it seems like you can barely look at food without putting on a few pounds. What’s going on? In a word: metabolism. Metabolism is what converts calories into the energy for your body to function. While part of it is controlled by your age, gender, and genetic makeup, you can influence how fast your body burns calories.

Here are five ways to make it happen:


Buildmusclemass. Strength training packs on muscle and burns calories.


Get your heart rate up. Daily aerobic activity revs up your internal systems.


Don’t forget theD. The vitaminD you get fromthe sun or supplements has been shown to boostmetabolismand reduce body fat.


Pack on the protein. Nuts, poultry, and the like take morework to digest, so eating themcan increase yourmetabolic rate. Plus they tend to fill you up quickly, which could help you eat less at a sitting.


Eatmeals at the same time each day. Skipping meals can put your system in starvationmode, and your body can respond by storing calories as fat.


Starting Point


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