EVERY COMFORT COLORS ® GARMENT IS PART OF A MUCH LARGER PROMISE. At Comfort Colors® our commitment goes beyond delivering trusted comfort and value. Our care goes deeper, with the continuous implementation of our GENUINE RESPONSIBILITY® promise every day—in everything we do from our apparel’s conception to having a place in your closet and lifestyle. We take our global leadership position seriously and prove it by operating responsibly, taking care of our people and strengthening their communities, all while integrating sustainable solutions to better protect our planet. CARING FOR OUR PEOPLE We believe in caring for our employees beyond their jobs, and it is our duty and privilege to make a positive impact in their lives. In 2018, we provided over 5.1 million hours of training to employees throughout our operations, over 262,000 free medical consultations in our on-site clinics, and are proud promoters of gender equality, with over 38% of all management positions across our organization held by women. We’re not just committed to providing safe, ethical and rewarding places to work but also to creating supportive environments that allow our employees to succeed and thrive. CONSERVING THE ENVIRONMENT Our environmental responsibility inspires us to continuously search for new ways to minimize waste, optimize resources and be at the forefront of sustainable practices. In 2018, 89% of our non-hazardous waste was either recycled or repurposed, 40% of our total energy came from renewable sources and our heat recovery systems transferred heat from wastewater to heat over 5 million m 3 of water. When it comes to making goods, we’re not just thinking about today, but developing plans for the future that make good on our long-term commitment to the Earth. CREATING STRONG COMMUNITIES As a large private employer in many of the regions where we operate, we’re mindful to foster economic development opportunities within our communities. Whether purchasing materials from local suppliers, investing in the improvement of local infrastructure, creating employment and thousands of indirect jobs or advancing access to education, we promote prosperity with social purpose. By partnering with local organizations, we gain a deeper understanding of each region’s challenges and are able to respond to each community’s most pressing needs.

So take comfort. Every time you choose Comfort Colors®, you’re truly helping in Making Apparel Better®.

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