Blue Spruce 3302C Colors Inspired by Nature ™

Inspired by the beauty of nature, we’ve honed our pigment-dye process into a fine art that pays homage to the shades of the natural world, crafting a rich expressiveness that improves with time. The process begins with crushed color molecules that bind to the fabric. Garments are then washed multiple times, resulting in weathered tones and subtle shades that continue to soften with wear, transforming a simple tee into a look that’s pure lived-in comfort.

For colors that stay fast and garments that hold true, our direct/ reactive-dye process delivers full, bold saturation. We achieve this by taking our ultra-soft, prewashed cotton tees and completely imbuing themwith color. Once dyed, they’re put through a process equivalent to 50 wash cycles. The result is vivid color that lasts and an incredibly comfortable tee that won’t shrink or lose its shape.

Colors Inspired by Nature ™

Peony 190C


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