Mastermind - WE Well-being - Summer, 2019

Teachers talking to teachers

The Associate Superintendent of Learning in Rocky View Schools lauds the launch of WE Well-being.

In the summer of 2019, Dave Morris, the Associate Superintendent of Learning in Rocky View Schools, sent an email inviting educators in his district to take part in the pilot of theWE Well-being program. Twenty hands went up—representing teachers in 10 of the 51 schools in the Alberta district, plus a couple in a nearby board. Early in the school year, the teachers gathered to learn about the WE initiative designed to bring social and emotional learning and mental health literacy into classrooms. The framework for the program is science based and was developed in collaboration with experts and researchers. “Teachers started talking to teachers,” Morris says of that first session of professional learning.

When the next group gathered, 40 teachers showed up. Within a month, the pilot program had doubled in size! WE Well-being promotes child and youth community service as a means to boost social- emotional competencies and develop such positive human qualities as gratitude, empathy and resilience. It’s hands-on, minds-on learning that is making an impact in classrooms and the community. One example is the work of the KINDergarten Kindness Ninjas fromWindsong Heights School in Airdrie. Abigail raised money for the food bank. “I made a list of everything that I needed,” she says in a video diary. “I hope that people felt happy. And I hope that they will eat all the food and feel happy!”

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