Mastermind - WE Well-being - Summer, 2019

Well-being is a conversation, she says—one that WE is helping to lead. “WE Schools and WE Well-being curriculum provide resources that most of our schools don’t have.” Teachers are hungry for tools and tactics, she says. “WE Well-being is going to take us to another level.” The service learning at the heart of WE programming is inspiring traditional classrooms, she says. “Usually it’s the teacher who is all- knowing and the students who are all-receiving. Service learning has flipped that.”

Scholars—as she likes to call kids—become problem-solvers and change-makers, empowered to take on a local and global cause. “WEWell-being places students in the driver’s seat.” Students work on real-life strategies and learn to voice their opinions as they are equipped with life skills. WE Well-being inspires a strong sense of self, says Dr. J. “If you don’t have that, you’ll never ask, ‘why not?’”

With our increased attention to mental health and well-being, WE Well-being also complements WE Teachers, a new initiative to support educators. The programs support each other, to include resources for educator self-care and trauma-informed classrooms. Both programs are developed in partnership withMental Health America. More information on WE Teachers can also be found at

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