Mastermind - WE Well-being - Summer, 2019

Note from Craig & Marc

“Omwana ni wa bhone” is a saying in the Mara Region of Tanzania that means the whole of a community is responsible for its children. Put another way: It takes a village! Most mental health problems have their onset during childhood and adolescence. However, the demand for child and youth mental health support far exceeds the ability of current clinical, community-based and school district response systems. It’s on us to help lessen the burden of mental illness by supporting early investment in well-being promotion, mental health prevention and early identification for young people. As you know, that’s why we created the WE Well-being program. Reflecting on the past year – collaborating with leading mental health experts to develop curriculum and resources and successfully launching the WE Well-being pilot in over 150 schools – we are reminded of your incredible support and for that, we cannot thank you enough. Your generous support of WEWell-being will allow us to bring the program to our entire network of 20,000 schools across North America. Students and families will have access to resources aimed to instill life-long skills for positive well-being, and educators will have the training and tools they need to implement social and emotional learning in the student curriculum. As we move forward in this exciting phase of WEWell-being, please know how grateful we are to the Mastermind team for your vital role in bringing this program to life. We hope you’ll enjoy reading about the impact your contribution is already making. Together, we can accomplish more than we ever could alone, and thanks to your heartfelt kindness and support, we are hopeful for the future potential of this program to change the world.

Craig Kielburger Co-Founder, WE

Marc Kielburger Co-Founder, WE

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