Mastermind - WE Well-being - Summer, 2019

About WE Well-being

WE Well-being empowers youth, families and communities with tools and resources to promote their own mental well- being and the well-being of others. Based on the best available evidence, we translate science into everyday actions.

An estimated 70 per cent of mental health problems manifest during childhood or adolescence—affecting one in five people in any given year. WE Well-being is focused on the promotion and prevention of mental health and well- being, and early identification resources. WE Well-being provides curricular resources, professional learning for educators, direct-to- youth workshops and supports families and caregivers to continue the learning at home.

WE will leverage our almost 25 years of experience building programs and partnerships serving approximately 20,000 K-12 schools to scale WE Well-being. It will include deep learning in schools, complemented with community resources for families, a WE Well- being playbook, podcast, WE Day events and social media to enable our community members to support themselves and each other.

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