Mastermind - WE Well-being - Summer, 2019

Youth and school programming

WE Well-being: 10 pillars of capacity- building

Professional Learning for Educators WE will offer free training sessions to educators implementingWEWell-being curriculum and lesson plans in their classrooms. The objective is to enable educators to apply key concepts and resources in the classroom and school community. In addition, we will work to increase the personal and professional resilience, competency and capacity of teachers. This will include group coaching sessions withmental health experts to provide teachers with effective teaching strategies. Teachers in these sessions will learn and share best practices and create a network of support within the teaching community. We will also offer teacher-focused events to further their learning in specialized areas of student mental health. For example, we will host a keynote speech featuring an expert on the adolescent brain where teachers can learn about helpful strategies and tools for supporting the well-being of their students. Youth Programming WEWell-being provides a variety of programs, that support youth in building skills and understanding in order to promote their own well-being and the well-being of others. These include: • A speaking tour and workshop series on mental well-being accessible to schools across North America • Youth leadership summits focused on promoting well-being and creating safe and supportive environments for self and others • University-level workshops on self-care and stress reduction

2 Self-confidence and identity

1 Knowledge

3 Healthy relationships

4 Positive human qualities

5 Self- management

6 Stress management

7 Positive motivation and growth

8 Social and environmental awareness

9 Responsible decision- making

10 Purpose

and positive contribution

6 / WE Well-being

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