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Just Off the Press! TRUE OR FALSE?

G o o d Neighbors... Time to be neighborly . . . time to chat with your friends . . . time to work . . . time to relax . . . in those later years when you need to slow down your living tempo a bit. . • • You can look forward to all that.. . • if you use forethought in placing your surplus funds. A Moody An­ nuity will help provide you with that sought-for security. . . . At the same time you'll know your an­ nuity dollars are at work- spread­ ing the gospel. . . . That's doubling the effectiveness of your money in a most satisfying way. V 1 '/V'

By Mabel M. Dodge This book relates in a convincing man­ ner facts that led the authofr to believe Dr. James C. Hollenbeck’s book, “ The Super Deceiver on the World Horizon” to be FALSE . 50c per copy Order from your book store or direct from Y. STANLEY DODGE

8627 W est Knoll Drive, Los Angeles 46, Calif.

Mail the coupon for complete in­ formation on this practical plan.

¿4 new Olid HIS BE THE VICTOR'S NAME by Dr. Max I. Reich. Of deep interest 16 every Christian, set­ ting forth the fact, meaning and power of the resurrection. Illustrated cover. 15c GLORIOUS DELIVERANCE BY RESURRECTION by Dr. Wilbur M. Smith. Refreshing meditations on resurrec­ tion certitudes, expertly prepared for general reading. 32 pages, paper. 25c BECAUSE HE LIVES by Walter B. Knight. A fine treatment of the importance of Christ’s resurrection. 24 pages. 15c THE RESURRECTION OF THE HUM AN BODY by Norman H. Camp. Answers vital questions about the resur­ rection of Christ. 127 pagfes, cloth. SOc Send order for these booklets direct to

Dept. K -740 153 Institute Place, Chicago 10, Illinois

Gentlemen: Please send me your interesting booklet, DOUBLE DIVIDENDS, without obligation on my part. □ Also booklet A. I am under 20.

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DEPT. K -3 4 9

A "BEDTIME STORY" FOR FIGHTING MEN A t an aerodrome noisily preparing for the night’s operations, a pilot began to read aloud. “ And, behold, two of them


Forces, either through direct contribu­ tion or through your purchase of an American Bible Society Annuity Agree­ ment. Under this Plan you receive an assured income as long as you live. At the same time you share in the work of distributing the Bible wherever it is needed. Learn more about this Plan that enables you to give and receive at the same time!

went that same day to a village called Emmaus. . . and they talked together of all these things which had happened. “ And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus Himself drew near, and went with them” Gradually the room stilled. The pilot finished, closed the book. “ There’s my ‘bedtime story! If I should come down tonight I should like to feel those

A newspaperman . . . thrilled b y Bible study You see, his deeper spiritual life makes even the grind of a newspaperman’s life easier. After completing a Moody Bible doctrine course, he wrote . . . "Counting the blessings which this course has given me, I thank God He has used it to reveal more fully His faithfulness and love to me!’ Let a Moody home study course also help you understand your Bible. For details, write Dept. K-808 C O R R E S P O N D E N C E S C H O O L

thoughts were my last” You make it possible to give this spiritual com­ fort to our young men and women in the Armed

A m e rica n B ib le Society • Bible House, New York 22, N. Y. □ Please send me, without obligation, your booklet KB-44 entitled “ A Gift That Lives!’ □ I enclose $........... to provide Testaments for the boys and girls in our armed forces. N ayna .........


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ody Bible Institute 153 INSTITUTE. PLACE • C H IC A G O

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