King's Business - 1944-04

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BOB JONES COLLEGE STUDENTS MAY, THEREFORE. PLAN FOR LIFE WITH CONFI­ DENCE. HOWEVER UNCERTAIN THE FUTURE, THEY ARE PREPARED TO MEET ITS EMERGENCIES. THEIR PERSONAL FAITH IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ENABLES THEM TO FACE ITS PERPLEXITIES WITH BOLDNESS. Bob Jones College offers a wide variety of courses leading to Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees, and in the Graduate School of Religion courses lead­ ing to the Master of Arts and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees, and in the Graduate School of Fine Arts courses leading to the Master of Arts and the Master of Fine Arts degrees in music and speech. The Bob Jones College Academy affords splendid opportunities for high school training especially valuable to young men soon to enter upon military service. Bob Jones College, which stands without apology for the "old-time religion" and the absolute authority of the Bible, has had an increase in enrollment of fifty per cent in the last two years. Voice, piano, violin, pipe organ, art, and speech are offered without additional cost above regular aca­ demic tuition.

For detailed information write 1 L DB1. BOB JONES. 1ÍR.

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