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MY LIFE AS A MARATHONER! By Kathy McCormick Editors Note: Kathy McCormack is a long time patient of FPTW. She has been working with Butch for over 30 years. She is February’s guest columnist.

Having completed 14 marathons one might ask, why would you do that? Back in the 80’s, I was working for Manufacturer’s Hanover Bank in the evening, part time. My husband, Bob, and I were raising our son and daughter and life was very busy. My friend Valerie and I started walking after the kids got on the school bus. Nine o’clock in the morning became my time. We walked for an hour and eventually I wanted to try jogging. Valerie stayed

The second reason was with two teenagers in the house, I wanted to show them if you want something bad enough you can achieve it. The rule I also went by was always to show up for work the next day. I got through the first marathon, learning many lessons about long distance racing, walked around like a duck for a couple of weeks, but forged forward and Manny and I tried a New York marathon. There is nothing like it. It had cheering people even for runners like myself who finished the race between 5 hours and 45 minutes [my best time] and the worst 7 hours and 30 minutes. But the goal was always to finish. We enjoyed it all it was great, the people, the excitement, it was the best. So to sum up, Manny and I did 7 New York marathons and 7 Long Island marathons. The last one I was 53 and hoping for the best in the future. I must give kudos to my husband Bob who was always there at the finish line anxiously waiting for me, even if it was only to convey the tale of how hard it was for him to find a parking space. - Kathy McCormick

we thought we had ourselves ready - the family stationed people at different checkpoints along the way. I really think they were waiting for me to keel over, but my motivation was two reasons. One: my mother suffered 4 heart attacks starting in her 50’s and I was 40 at that point. My mother also suffered from congestive heart failure and lived with Bob and I for the last year of her life. She had 27 years of heart issues. My mom would always tell me to go do your run for the day, so you won’t have the same heart issues as me.

with the walking. The group of people I worked with at the bank were mostly college students and one of them asked if I wanted to try a race. Manny and I became running mates for races. Manny was from Australia and much thinner than I was, and could have finished most races sooner, but he was very polite and we always finished together. We did a 5 mile in Manhasset and then I was hooked on racing. Manny suggested a marathon, and we signed up for a Long Island one. Novices that we were,

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