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FEB 2020

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Along the way to our destination, a few adventures reminded us what can happen when you’re open to life’s possibilities. Our group met up in Munich and boarded our plane headed for Ancona, Italy. Well, in the middle of our flight, we woke up to our pilot speaking in German. We eventually came to understand that due to weather issues, we would be landing in Croatia. After a six-hour minibus ride through Slovenia, we finally reached our destination. Before the workshop had even started, the shared experience of this unexpected detour bonded our group. I’ll be honest, when I first met up with everyone, I wasn’t very receptive. I was exhausted from the flight and didn’t feel like getting to know anyone. By the end of the workshop, however, I’d had one of the best birthdays of my life. Despite our varied experiences, there was a common thread that united our group: No matter what phase of life you’re in, there’s always an opportunity to start over. We were all there honoring this intention and giving ourselves permission to take the next steps in our lives. Each day, we had the chance to journal and talk about our feelings, goals, and visions. We were in a safe place with no judgment where we could share our writing with one another. On my flight home, I wrote the entire time. I’m working on my memoir, and my goal is to dedicate time to it and work on it every week. The workshop was exactly what I needed to give myself the framework and inspiration to make this goal a reality. In addition to taking the workshop, I found myself in the unique position of getting to empower and encourage these other women through the next phase of their lives. Completely unplanned, I led morning meditations, and it ended up being the perfect complement to the work we were doing. The whole experience was a reminder that when you breathe life into your intentions and open yourself up to life’s possibilities, you create room for something wonderful to happen. That’s when miracles occur. –Polly Tatum The whole experience was amazingly cathartic and allowed me to tap into my storytelling side.

In September, I turned 55 and embarked on a life-changing adventure to mark the occasion. It brought me to a tiny mountain community in Italy, where I spent days disconnected from technology. I connected to my own intentions and met several strangers turned friends.

Seven strangers and I from around the globe came together to travel to Montelparo, Italy, where we stayed at a small hotel run by British expatriates. The owners are a husband-and-wife team who dreamed of leaving their corporate careers and buying and renovating a property that would serve as a quiet getaway for others. Their dreams manifested in the Hotel Leone, which focuses on hosting small retreats in the stunning Le Marche region of Italy — think the picturesque hills and greenery depicted in the film “Heidi.” I’ve always wanted to do a workshop on memoir writing, in part to tell my journey of being adopted. So, when I learned about this one-of-a- kind opportunity to put my story in writing, I knew it was the one I’d been waiting for. I took a break from technology, work, and family and gave myself permission to focus on the creative aspect of writing. I was part of a diverse group of women taking the workshop: a contractor in Afghanistan, a four-time divorcée from Hawaii, a retired pediatrician, an amputee, a child cancer survivor, and two women who are lesbians, one with a career in the military. We formed an eclectic group, all there with the goal of learning to tell our stories.

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