Tempered Block Breaker Brochure

AVOID LABELING AS PROCESSED The USDA requires any product broken down into 1” or smaller pieces to be labeled as processed. The Tem- pered Block Breaker breaks up semi-frozen block back into the natural pieces —meaning you don’t have to label your product as processed.

TREAT PRODUCT TO ELIMINATE BACTERIA Bacteria grows on the outside of a muscle. Once ground, the bacteria is spread throughout the entire product batch, causing significant contaminated and wasted product. The Tempered Block Breaker allows you to spray all sides of the product muscle with citric acid (or other agents) to reduce or eliminate bacteria.

REDUCE WORKFORCE The Tempered Block Breaker system only requires 7 employees to operate from the time product leaves your microwave to the time it exits the block breaker. Some customers have reported a reduction in work force from 22 down to 7 employees and ability to prep product in advance.

SAVE PURGE Using the Tempered Block Breaker system captures 99% of product purge (blood, water, etc), saving you product weight which saves you money.

Tempered Block Breaker Prep System Prep product for the tempered block breaker with the fully loaded prep system: • Transfer Conveyor from Microwave • Box Prep Conveyor • Manual Box Tipper • Prep Table • Prep Platform • Ergonomic Stand • Trash Chute and Conveyor • Wheeled Vats

Fusion Tech worked with us to take our current operation of processing frozen beef trim blocks that took 2 shifts and 22 employees to reach our product goals and reduced it to a 1 shift operation manned by 7 people. They designed a new piece of equipment for us that took our semi-frozen trim blocks and gently broke them up so we could treat each piece to eliminate any bacteria. We are able to process the same amount of product in 1 shift that we did in two. “

Charlie Tamburelli Director of Operations / Birchwood Foods

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