Gibson Law Group - May 2018

A little customer appreciation can go a long way — after all, everyone likes to be treated well by the people they do business with. But if your appreciation stops at holiday cards and birthday offers, you might be missing the mark. Summer tends to be the slow season, so take the extra time to plan a new way to show customers you care. HOST A SUMMER EVENT There’s no need to plan a black-tie gala. Summer is the season of relaxation, so keep it low-key, and let your clients know they are welcome to bring their friends and family. Here are a few fun ideas to consider: • Host a barbecue at the office or local park. Make sure you have the proper permits first. • Book a movie theater and show the latest blockbuster. (We hear “Avengers: Infinity War” is pretty awesome.) CUSTOMER APPRECIATION ISN’T SEASONAL AN AGENCY THAT’S ALL ABOUT THE CLIENT We at the Gibson Law Group have the unique privilege of serving some of the most talented and trustworthy business leaders from throughout Texas and beyond. We appreciate the faith these clients put in us at every step and strive to foster genuine relationships with those we serve, creating a partnership that will last years. Whenever we get the chance, we love to highlight the people and companies that work with us and make our practice possible. That’s why, this month, we’re excited to introduce our readers to Abacus Insurance & Financial Services! Though our offices are both in the same building, that’s not the only reason we’ve represented them for over six years — they’re a group of experienced, friendly, and skilled insurance professionals eager to help their clients in any way they can. Abacus is a full-service independent agency with a wide array of offerings, from home insurance to business insurance and everything in between. With access to over 200 insurance companies, they pride themselves on providing their clients with quotes from dozens of carriers, helping them to zero in on the best possible coverage. This process nets clients huge savings while giving them a plethora of choices to ensure they’re getting exactly what they need. Meet Abacus Insurance & Financial Services


• Plan an adults-only scavenger hunt. Include local landmarks, offer prizes, and provide grown-up beverages afterward to make the event really memorable. • Throw a block party. This one requires some planning, but if you pull it off, your clients will talk about it until next summer! DELIVER ONE BIG ‘WOW’ Social media makes it pretty easy to keep up with everyone’s lives, so look for an opportunity to make a great impression on one customer. Maybe a client is expecting their first grandchild. Could they use a new stroller? Is a wedding anniversary coming up? Who wouldn’t love a limo ride and dinner at the nicest restaurant in the city? Go a bit over the top! People love to share stories on social media about the cool, unexpected things businesses do. Wouldn’t you like to go viral for a good reason?

“If we can help our clients save 20–22 percent on their rates, that’s huge,” says owner Rafiq Hassan. “What we’ve realized is that sometimes insurance agencies get complacent and fail to search for the best deals. But not us. We have tried to create a value system in which we’re always looking for the best price across a number of carriers, searching for the best products at the best rates for every one of our clients.” We’re proud to represent a company so dedicated to serving their clients to the best of their ability. And luckily, the feeling is mutual! “David Gibson is a great guy with a great team behind him,” Rafiq says. “Whenever we can, we try to refer business back-and-forth between one another.” If you’re in need of insurance of any kind or just want to see if you might be able to shave a few dollars off your rates, we recommend you give Abacus Insurance & Financial Services a call at (972) 600- 8460 or visit their webiste at You can rest assured they’ll do everything they can to save you the most money possible.



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