The Record SUNY Buffalo State Student Newspaper

Volume 21

September 1931- May 1932

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lVeloometo S.T. C. Freshmen

State Teachers College at Buffalo


�iday, September 18, 1931


Dedication Plans . Started - At • nrnetinii; of the llo11 r Regent• i n Albnny onSeptembe r it wu umbe r 11 at llulhlo i n connection with the Jcdication of theCollege. Commiuioncr Gl'"ll\" C I will deliver thc,ledicatorrnddress. lt is ho1x.'lnM for the dedicntion will he l)Ublis�;•d in o later iiisuo or The Reco,·d. WidcChoiecufSubjNI• A,·, i lahle for 'fh-1)...,,irinK lleKrC" " Mariy friend, were nblc to m('Ct a nd cxchn111:c oummer, cxpc r icncct lnat Saturda)·, S.-1,t<•mb<, r 12. It was the day for the l'i,-..1Scmeslc r •�i::i1- tulion for tho� 1end,cn1 in •en·icc who ,1,-,.ire lo c.Ul"l\Clcad· i1t<:c 1" a dci:,...-e of Hn�helorof &ience (inEdw,ation). Thc cou r ses wil! nt­ tcm1>t lo p r o,·idc for promotion to ,:up,,n·isory. nclmi n istrntive 0< c ri tic p01ition, in •:lrmcmory or Junior lli<:chSchoolfoe.l,ls. r imar)', 1.ibrar)', Mothemntie�.Phy­ Edud,tio n , l'•y«holoi:y nnd r 2G, no d,nnrcs in re,:i1Lration enn be mndc. Stnte Te"ehersCollci:e i � holdin1: ibclf I:, rca,lineAs to offer extcnaion \\"Ork i n nny co·r.n,u n ity nr center �·ithin trnvelini: di,tance. The selec­ n or cour�cs und in�Iruetor,, will be dcttrmincd by the Pirector or ,·c ,tu t r those sludcnts intcrcst" ' 1 i n Science. i.,h(ll.luctory mu""" " in Entom o loi:y, Botany ond Astronomy �re to be .,.;··en un M11,..,u·u·otScience. Elma s1�rr Chwr�n Th" 'Ed i lorial Boa r d of tho rn3 2 t:lma to dnle i$M follows: E,Htor-in­ Chief. DHl r ica lto8ebroek; Uusine!II MaM,:n.MaiieMu r J)hy; Photoi:ra p h ��:� 0 :; �!:;t\:��;/��:n�o" :. ���� 0 :: dine Wende;· A r i Editor, llow1rd Wiedc n ••n. , Othcr,i who nu interc�tcd in work­ ing on eny of thc st.,ITs or a• typi•ta are ukcd to communicate hi• week with the Editor-ln-Chicf by mea n • of lh!!Elm1B�cntCen1,er: t'l'l!llow:.v. Kindcrgorlen,.-.s appointed to conduct an Inte After S..1, t +�:�: t. !-:dLicnti,rn. �'.nglish, dM co �r;.'�;. o�: \� cmb<, tio d�n �. Fo

Changes in s.·T. C. Faculty Bring


Assembly Plans . ftliss Bonna.rtoLecture Next Tuesday -�lildredlledin andllo1nrd TreshtoSpeakFriday n Pari•nnd hos trn,•cledmlcmber 26, Mild r ed llcdin, one of our own ,tmt.e n u. who \\'On the Le111,ue of Notions Assoei a • lion'• i,rize, com1>ri� i r,g ,. � trip to EuroJ)I•, will discuss her exp<:r i enCc,<. Ar1othee •lud<"nt, Howard Tresch. who representedState ut the Inter­ national l' r oblen,s Conference al )fount llol)•oke, will :,l,io rc1>(1r\ on h i strip At a n,ccllng of the Men'• Cluh Thursday ni i,: ht. a special commill<>C r dnu footbltl! •crie1 11monll" the men of the Colle11e. Fu t o r ganu:o to be playe d will be m•de later. Watch for further d e- ,·elcpments ns to schedule. d ate, r:an•c�. choo•ing or captains · 11 nd n,cnall"el'll. . • In the initial i11ter-mu r al ffcrics la.i t heSophnmore In d ust r ial grid- iro:i"'JUDd and green Froslt end...J the series deadlock...J. rrame theUpper < :1Hssn,en o,·erwhelmcd their ri,·al• an d will d e rcnd their honors on the fieM ngnin. 1 au basketball for men and j] 1 t lure drawing• will bo ,nude. Last .c111on the Senior G i rb won their t ournnmtnt, while the Genern! !ndu1- :�:� " :���� >0rc \cam wo11 the mtn"• Mi.... Cyr in Honorary Fu\trnity MiasRooamondeCyr of t he Home Er:cnomlcJ Dc p ar t ,oe n t, who hns takenMiss T-urner'• place, is a mem­ ber of.the honorary fraternity, Koppa Delta Pi, which was inaugurated here lHt year. She was elec t ed in t o mcm­ benhi p at Now York Univer1ity. There are four o t her Faculty .inem- he,:,, In �!ii, school, · On Tue"'111y, Septembe r "An:hinjl" the l'nc i the Antipode•." Mi"" Bo n 22 . Min n nar i• to !eetu,"<' in A1sen,bly on " combinntion of subjeds, fic"' nnd "A T r ip lo nnr ,tudicd Clnrinello i 1 Fcaturu men fall, 1n1en: :: r ::::al� �� l � C l��: �� et t 1:.'.:..r�:1

Many New

Instructors · Here

d of •

10. •••••••••••••••••• Tunoday,Se1, t embcr22� 10:j)O A.M. Assembly,Mis. Clar i neBonnar, r •'riday.September25-- 10:00 A. M. A111emhly,Rc· po rta of T r e i n d llowarcl Tre�oh. 9:00-1:!:00P.M. Thet11$igm11 U1..ikrn Dane<' in Gi·m. • •• • • '' '••'' • ••'' • Senior Class Elects At a·meetini: of the Fourth Ycnr Cb�,. on Tues,Jnr. September 16, ,\rthu r York wuelectetl hy n l a rge r n ajority, ltcir i strafion figures to dutc for the yea r rn�l-19.12 arc a, followo: · G,·nernt Dc1mrlmcnt �·i.-.t Year 2/">.1 Second Y�ar Third Ycn r ��� Fourth \'.,ar " Hom(' �:("Onon,ir:1 DcpArlmc n t F i n,t Year S..."Cond Year 62 Thinl Y<'flr W �· ..., rth Yea r A,h·ancct!Crcdil 6 Vocnti011nl-lndustrialUer1nrtment •·irst Yrnr 41 Second Year Th i rd Year . a.1 011e-Yco r Voca t io n nl 29 Art De11artmc n t 11:19 The- .eligure. 1how an incrca1c o,·er !hmie or hut yea r of abou t lifty, clue · � 1 :1:. hly lo the enlari:td •·ourlh Year AIJ>h•Sl,:ma Tau i:"'�h�·�c�� r � t : :;��d�� t ernoon inSocialCenter "A" !rom 4 to 6. Pla n s fo r rushing and o t her bu,intas weN! di!K'llued. No"·l!esidonh< Notice wtth DeanReed's office. , . • ip� ofMild r ed li .t n a · 13 7 g Totnl r..:i 1p !:e�� g nf Supiie

F8;t!��::t:!: 0 ;,:;u1;� Degrees Are Replaced by New Teachen ---;, The ope n i n g of the new College ,·cl"l\e rei,:inns · ot the United·States. MissMelvinaS,·ec ofCedarRnpids, [own, i� the new critic of Soc i ol Sludies. rc1,ladns:MissChimal. She rctci>"<,d he r R,achelor'� de,:rce an,I M"stcr's ,lci:,rec;-fron, the Uni,·er,iity of WiM:on,i n and ha• taught inMa r • · queue""'! �lount Pleasant. �liehiga n . Replacing Mr. Grabau. who is nway on" year'• kn,·e of nhsene<, to con- o rr!�:�J��fi;�-- i� n S. T. C. from l'ennState to teach �;i:r;;�tr:,,:." \he �ocnlionnl Indus· Mis• Ruby A. l'l" 'k «r New York City i, a n ew member of the Uomc ri�";.OJ�;::.. F �::'w�i,!� i t� e °':,�• c t�:� nnd herM. S. fro,,, Columhin Univer· si\y. Miu Peck ,.,;u teach tos t un,e <'••sign, a position wh i eh she held for the past two l'" ""' i n II eommerc i •l house in New YorkCity. Ano t he r newromur lo the ll<.>me Eeono,nie8 l>c1,artment i sM i nRo,a• mo n ,le Douc�tCyr of Fn!l J:i,·er, in•,. �tructor in �'nods. Sh� rc�eh·etl her I!. S. fro111 Frnn,inr.ham Normal and i1nt pn t work i n1rfor herM0Me r '• fro�, New York Unh·cntit)'. M i �• ,'111r1:arct ShaJduck. a former Junio r l!i 11 h School instructor of l.nnsing, Micl,i1:nn, wh<.> is now teach­ ing nt nurCollei,:e. r eccin'eSyracuse �luscum of Fino Ar t s. His nrticlc,o on thefinearts a ppearetl in theSyra­ cu,eJournal. Mr.Czurle.wa1 elected to the Ah<>Oi�teif"Artl1ts of $)'racu1c Re1>i11dni,:Mi51 Thomu, whn i� on leave of absence tn oontinue her otu,lict fo r her ,loctor'1 degree •� Cl�rk Univenolty, i1 Ml1>1Mary C. llobcrt1 or Worcester.MM11achu1cua. S he i s a t,truduntc of J>ota

Arthur York President �!!:::

ll - P

,ical r ther nnnouncc· Science.

In the pl1yoft Extcn1ion nnd the p!'o1pcct i

ville Ac,dcmy,

b ,;���;stswnntetl-?<>multTheRecord · o o��p i a bw11nted..::.ConsultTheRecortl . . ... '


T H E R E C O R D -----------

T H E RE C O R D Publiahed by �".!!��... �u :..� . 1�!.t!l'iJ.!'!."�,� ��ge at Buffalo

!!i ss . Ruth Houston

Visits South America

THE ST,\H' -�- --- "''•"e \" tk Marn� Goff - F. . M"""' __ _ __ ,_Rolnb Th,,,na• - ·��::.�§ -

Miu R u th t:. Uouston. hend of the Health Educatio n Department i n o u CoJlege, has nddcd another i n ing trip to her list of trawl upcrj- wh o �c:'\o�k� t':;d2l;r Htu;�it'.,:���. the m The reurtec n wRB !.>roken i n the JlU!ICRll:CN u 1,o n eroning th,• cquntoi-. Kini:: Neptu ne heralded h)· Tritun, held rt, 11n,I. 11� thu final Rtep i n the. ;nitiatlon lnto \he n1)'Sle r ie1 of the -day tri1> o n 10 !.>y thc i n Rhi11bonrd iliatio11 of , wh

,:.t,. c-lad u-.,,... i.,,1 .... 1<,,,,, FA"4l- ·�' I-Mon•...,. -.. , K

e$doy wa, •pe<:ially pr e Frcah n ,e n thoui:ht tknt we were kiddi n g t our•qu." g izi ires . Do · you know thnt Miu Roach e n ough p oints nt the Natio n al Archery Contut to win e,·cry natio n al litl" from 1916 l o ·19:10! ThiR )'CBI' ��:.� :o �;� were ovor 500; a thin1: un- abo u

r The rain T u terest- p11rcd for the benefit or th e

·- 0..t of tha peace of tbe -- lb' I will ;.�":. "'on my HJfflpb for U.. ��r��:�;�d�== Alono n��h� be r1¥n I'll wateli. nv, Till the 1 e cret of coutanc, tn the mld•t of theworld b, powu for llfe: ln tho hnrt of �illneu la lo..., to Collqe "Hello, old pal, and how are you?" "l'm fln e , or oourse, and b1 th e -7, lt lsn't bad to hurryback; l th o ugbt I'd dr e ad the o�ing da7 B11t now I'm glad I'm back.'' Wo'ro .ti;":� ��t�· hack back With a cheer for our Coll e ge And hop e for the rt'UII, With ft cnll o f "All w e lcome Our now Freshman elus!" "Well, how'• the work thla term, old �" And whe n do y o u 1tnrt to tea c h!" "Do you like the Pr o !! WIii be rmike us work!" ��� · hl�\� e :�� "'; o\ '. f. �•'• a peach-- Summer S...Sioa S11c..,,.,.f11I The registration ror the Samm� Sa�ion, h e ld from June 211 to Aug,nt 7, far c,rce e dcd thc e,;paetation or th e dir e ct o n i n chargc. l:al e ftst in eduntion w11s v e ry e vtdcnt u 1323 .,.ere cnr o UOO and 46 w e n, taking course,, without rec e iving crcdiL El e v e n of th e fifty-four memb e ra of the Faculty w e re visltin:, im(NC��'i�e �lt�: wc!l known co!leg e 1 1 and t�itf ���:i@:�i��ji Srhool Principals, Dental H1giene Teach e ra. Scho o ! Nun,e,Teachen, !t:� :£4i�1�:���5l and the hard or hearing. Th e Dem o nstnlion uhool et�cned eonsidcn,bly th e courses in Ed11o�ti o n and wH of "'1\lal intenst t o all all e nding th e Colleg e . ·• The E>:t�-Currlout.r Activlti-. und e r th e di�tlon o f Dr, Net1mann, !1[ m "� o ··c;:r:=r:.:�: ""'r�== f :r trlp:!l to ,ari o ws plac e s of l n ter.t ln the city, alon1r the Nt.cara Frontier, ...__ tht'Qugh the Welland Canal, with an exeurslon to Cl e veland and Pl,t,lrt-Bay afforded much educational plNau .._ lntere1tlna &Dd 1tim11?ltinc prograrna and "pealten aided seal to all Awtmbllea. The College, did maeb In it, Summar SeNIOII for tba� ment of edueatioo In the pabllc �hoola throqb u,. manifold oir_.. . ,np toauch�oti-11-. Why not patrolliQ oar�f T,pb"c.�.� bo11. •

11, ...,,. . �-:..'!:::'

11,,...... 1.11-l>olh lolor,,k,- �Ni��� n

Not h.�,·ini,? bec ome ; :! . ;�,�:f�; n p':i " ari�:;Y a ;h,;��P;;• · ;:, �11::•;;:;� o ��� f��ft}Iti:t::i�!i1\}�t{�:?���, i;�:;t���;J1�11/z1t{l::J;�t/;· �fi{Itf�1��!!'.��� �gitfi:;;'.f���l.�;;;ef.{}�f J:�;�i 1 I;:�/.��1i.�::·0;, i�t:ff J7:��:;���£2:}:t1 \t:;�\::;§l,:I;�f{::;f� tf��Jif '.�!�s£:g,f iii1�::l�;�:!;lt��Jf'.� fit ittJi[\ : �!;f!� t } t �i��:.r�J�t�;�;�t�;t:i� l�B � . ';,:�ti,�:.�e"'::!·��c ..��'·;�,� . ee �1;;:l�;/�� 1>len • e be cMy 0 0n•u•� Almosl e,·er}'llMut S\11\e 11\\emp\� to m11ke his or her ma r k here. Th e re r e :eivrovcn ln$t yea,·. win " trip lo t:urope for II litcrn.r)· n,:inu>rld Peace. Or, ;r you 11re intcrc,tcd in Pure Scholarshi p , yoU house,;. o�,,,.,.. �nd s ehool,. In se,·ernl more at home. Tod:ty it i, po..iblc m ight ai m for our honoruy educational frnt e mil}', Kapp:1 Delt11 PL d the rhotll n:oma \'Hlcd teachers '.o ae� out trees of twenty-fiv e feel At 1,resent. however, the f,c[d or 11thlctio• seem• to nurnct more :ispi;:ini,: nn·! pu11i!B wore overru�ta, nn,I were in hmi::ht, "" 1,c r h11ps our n ow elms men 11 n d wome n than any other aoti,·ily, the new SJ)Orl being to "mak e )-OUr char,ni,; their bnda fro m the cnld. will bc of a u ll'.cien\ ' s i�c to gi,·e II _muk" upon our n ewly p<1inted w111ls. �·or the benefit of tho-;e incline�! to Ilea\ in hou«,s in Ari:ei,\ina hos n ot "mtur,, "l'l)('Un > . n ce to the muin builrt­ e n i,,.gc i n thls fnscinoting sf'l)rt, "'" migbl state th"t the�e aro not the been considered hea!tl,y, probably ing. l!a!ls of Fn,ne >•on've henrd !o mueh nl.oout in high 5<'hool. b«n u ,e or the fnet that fuel ha, hccn • • -.e: lllo s t of us do not apprcoeilltc the brilliant nray of heel, knee. lrnn,I, cxorbit:,nt in pri.,.,. u n � noie mark•, co n tributed grnti� by thoughtle:lll Studenl�. Mbs llouoto� i,,,,.ame in,-oh'e<>lit.l<:al intrigue. �in<'lndini:: and better Collci;?C life. The pn•t fow )'Cara have �cc n a rl•� in the popul:trily of lhc•e omnJ'" and we had tho di•li n ttio n of !.><-in{!' the flral C,,llci,?e to hold n camp thi• )·c�,. The fact thnt·our 11ttcndanee wa, ten per cent higher lhun lhc 11,·era1:e coll e ge �- r? •h camp. gi,·c• c�idenoe that the ; ,,co,ning n,en a r � here lo "p u t thing!! o,·cr." Work! Yes, it took ple n ty or work. We•le)' Hutchinson, the lmsine•• :1,� n ;�r�� n ::..��:. 1 Pft e �: r :i1:lr���h t :: :�i���t���blc� 11 �hti;m�i���� to re11ch the hill'h deg= of tucce,,. they aim<'ll al. To Mr. ll u t.chin50 n great eredit i• duc. Fro m the gi.o. n ,lpoint of the Freshmen. we 11, . .,, e�,· n now, nhle t o see ste p • of adjustment lhnl would hn,·c been tmr,o,;�iblc were it not for n p(ellCaso n orie n lntlon nf nur C,,lleJt�-. . .. w., arc a College! We are rno,•ing on! mi:: Si s te r l'ioni� Held O n ��! �;e!�c.:.:!��.:::'.' hotel II L w !,i e h �.�;"ut":'i:' i �lr:�.�� �";t;' O f�\;�ri1;, Du r ing her • l ny · in \he hot<'l, politi• l'e,11, Eeu11�or, Columbi:t, nnd th,• ���t�";,�1\�, �':,�Art;,\���;:'. !'? �:; , 1 1:1<�:; f�:;'1 1 ;�\e/"".:;.., �:.:�7:�. :� exifod for the ,�o e ond li m e, left for the W('�\Cr11 l'Oast. tl1t!)" frcs1uenlly Frnn<:e. went ashore in rowb:a w11s nn interior dly in lhe un,I. on on,,oet'a�ion. the ) ·"'""' •wung ,.,-,,po,.g r owinK r egion nnd b famed to l"nd·t.y 11 dcrrid:. for its wine 1,roJuclion. 1'hi� city in Thre" doys we r e si>cnt in 1.inm, in the fo1oth"11• or lhe Andes i s more the i n terior or 1'<>111, "'hen: they saw typitall)· Spnni,h thnn llucno• Aires. l n cn n , a n d 1,re·lrm1n ruins. The we s t �·rom here ths J"'rly cros..,d th e l'OOS! nffcr�I co n •ta n t �h:1ni;c'S rt'<)m Andc5, going thro u gh • n ow cub the � n c,w..,apped nn.:,:,>< of th« A.nde•, higher tbn the tml n . D u e to the to the j u nglc or Eou:1,far. iu thc violn· ultitude nnd lhe a m ount of s n ow, on!y ity · of the equHl<>r. l"'" nain• 11 week oro..sOO ·thc Andes. r n terc,t"n., ,rff•Nn:e· ·,, tho: l'·r• The cxilele w�re ,,�led, rr.o:,t•si:t n u r henl(h co n t or these kin•r tlm n•,truint or �����:.i t'thlt';�. e !��... :�l 1 ��1�1t }��:��·i�· t:: "'.:;,·,�:"!r 1 u,:··�·n,�� ti� � e le � ����', . y:·ns,,'r�� ur �!:1; t ; c :�: 11 :f St �::-:; 1iou•to n urrl�c�I fn N�-w Y'otk ullc. owi n i:: l o the fall of the rovo- nrt�r nl1>ij weck1 o r tr:irl'l, h,,,·ing hud l lio n :try go,·er!ln,c n t In Chil e . n n i n teresti n g trip up thl! co,,at as. J>emon!tl'llliona wer e · held at th e " flttinj:" elimnx 10 h e 1 �;��1 1 �h 1 .'..i !"���\:��:�!e n \ editor or this ycll r' s t�\�tt�t:;1�� n �:,i; i


ifi•har..�I the eh<1ir <:nr with o Or a·Uogaa

Aft e r the l'll i n last Tuesday, our Campu1 can be termed II swampus. -- The Ua�Li11ge111 We aigh u "·e pH1 the nolay orowd And glimpse that piano through l e an, We choke a bit aa th e Fruhm e n aakJu1t who were the Rackete e rs? Th e re are n 't any Racketeers now, we "' As we.ya.r at our hair and clothes, But thanlithe stan thel"l! oan pe,·erbe Four other men like th,,.e. . llo,r,! llol'11C'a! l�avoyou heard the incesaant·Bn e ez-

Orthestu £1ects Officers Ju s t before thc clo1c of College la s t Ju n e, thc membe111 of th e Coll e l(e orehc1\ra were Jl'U e at8 ut a di n n e r ;.��� in th e C_afot.erin hy Dr. _nock· Beoidu mnki n g lcntath·c pln n • f o r th e Nnning year, a n d r e ,·icwi n g the many i m 1><>rtn n t event• of the p ut, the ann u nl electio n or officers wu held, with the fo!lowii,i: resullll: Pl'Cllident, Ll'sler H11nl1a n ; Vice-Prcaidcnt, Martin Brti1,hy; Scerct11ry-Tr e

Tuo,dny, ·sc1,lc1nher 8, I.he Fresh m an girl1 wcro l'ntcrtnined by their J un io r tl�t e ra nt n basket p icnlo in Dc.\awnre l'nrk. The o ccMlo n alrordc,! nn os>portu­ n ity for �big" a n d "little" ai,t.:n to r,et m,quni n tod 11 n d f r o n , thc 11pp e g.--it was n hui;e •uooeH, The work will oo n tinuc thro u g'o o ut $\'p\emb

r summ�r·a wan;�; ' :��

u ���� 11 ;0���t n,, " 'l:,.ell-ornl n

g derini:s. Amo n da, ���r; 1 :' 11 �r:;;: : rp :�ni; �"un�:.�:� rth Am,ncan bu•,m,u g her �'Om/r�niona on d N o

11rnncc or the girb rcl

After pming thr o tain tu nn ol the [ato revolutio n . n,ou n el,, • n f;:::;.;'�"�;;" t •he w11s nblc to wit n

ui.,.J, l n

ow gh e

ow e u

L•, and South n n

l'a! PIII MHU Pai Phi Fra\tmlty h e ld its drat bu�ne-ss mcetina of the ...,,. tenn, Tbursday, September l1, ln tha Socia1 Center. P� tor the: yurWtl"l! dlaous•ed.

ur ing from on"' · rcftd n good

�::�::. m u rcccnll )

:�.. t�:�,:����� 1 ;�: - :�';;t r ;"to{ 11

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a•urcr, llatold Lind

!lave -y o

r; Librnrinn, t Llt.ra-

Tboy thc!J traveled t o Valparai!IO, l,ook? .. WhJ not write: a bonk review where they l�rded the atcamcr f o r and t.·11·11� al,out lt?

ne e�uista n

. -!::: i ta�i�� e �':';;; ri



THE RECORD State Teachers College at Buffalo

Frasti Requirecl to Swim-

Stt You Tonight When ThiaSig KkUoff

.Afany Neto Courses Are Offered

Pool Will BellJsedSoon

Covering Wide Range of S1tbjects

PARK EDGE Beauty Parlor and BarberShop ll22 E[�.Wv':!., t: n ;� tP.�.


Friday;September 26, 1931

Landscaping Plan Swimming Pool to Open on September2S-TheSchednle Neces,yry DttailsApproved-Nearly The Pool wiU he ope n ed Mo n dloy, · �

Daniel J. Kenef icliAppointed to

Whyr>0t patl'"Onizeourlldvertiact'II? O�r Combination Lunches WlllSaYeY011Mo n tf Al.rinl"·iLlconYi n ceyoo.Wecarry S1>e<,inlt' il1cnand otherSeh0<>l Suppl�. s.a...eoui'lrade cuupor,t !1$they arovaluable. THE COil.EGE SODAGRILL 1000 EUIWOOU AVE."IUE Nt:>;TTOlU.RINEUANK Whynotpi.troniic ouradv<=rtiacl"II? Peter Paul & Son . -- f'raternityandCollcgeStat.ioncry lnvitationlandDancel'rog,- am1 (,1uHlliHgl

Local Board of Managers of S.T.C.

Twenty-Seven Hundred Cubic YardsofSoilNeeded '

LowJudpto8aca.lU.IA• Walter P.Coob-Bta&eBaml ofBepnta Made tlwl Appolat mentSeptember 10 Da n l e lJ.Kenaftclr.,.,,.oft!ia firm ofKendi. c k,Cooke.Kttdo.llllDd Baal. one of the bNt known la• ftnu h1 Bltft'alo. whlch Ollce lndo oed In ita m em benhlp Gronr Clt1'al11Dd. bu been appolnted tethaLoeelllo&rdof Managenof th e Bltft'aloStai.Taadlen Coll e se. The appoln U llent wu made by the Board of Rerat. oa Sept em ber 10. Ju d g e Kenefick ncceeda Walter Platt Cooh •ho d ied In Aogmt lut. A m n n r th e m a n r notable pnbllc urvl<>N ofJod,rt Ken e fi c k •u bia chllr m anthlp, on appoi n tm en t of Mayor s�hwab, or th e c ha,:w," re­ vision co mm itt ee which roviaed th e c ity chart e r thrNI 7eanago. At that ti m e Ju d ieKen e fick wu ursed, to ru n for th e office of maJOf". but h e ltas nev e r d tsired pollt i cal apPilintment. Bo ia now ehairmui of th e executive ro mm ittee of the eo.,,. mittee lo Investigate the Adrninlatni, tlon ofJoati ce . He-appointed to thla committeo by 8eftntor Booee­ velL

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Aft e uch delay i n approval of top aoi!, f e 1raq seed) all th e s e beea a c cepte d . an d esired la n dscapi n gnuing. Dr.Rockwell weht'to G ene lo n r d g i r m

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w e ek a n d secured the approval of the hour that b vacant in the m en's top eoi\ at th e State ArrlcultU.ral Ex• schedulea. Attinda n c e w i ll he r e n . The top •oil ed i n all Freshme n c l as s e s. is u follows: deposit, free from l11mps. and rkh 2,00 P. M.,, Sectio n JU; In humu•. It was used for Ja nd • 3:00 P. M.,Mo n dloy,Ho me Ero n oml c a ,cap! n g i n Houghton a n d Sehlllcr Fresh m e n : ,&:00·5:U P. M., Mondl,y, Parkt, at Bennett llii:h S c hool, a nd Seoond,Thir d and Fourth Year girl-, at the Geori;reRa n d re•ldtnc e . 11:00 A. M•• Tues d ay, Me n -I n dus- A steam 1hovtl is at work 1ttlpping trial, G ene nl I an d 11; 3;00-6:00 P.M., this 110il.a nd "flflN'n or twe n ty tru c ks Tuesday, Boy1 ofSchool of Pra c ti c e; :: 5 .n t ;::�Y co �:",,r�;Y�•:v!� t �:!'t.�d . �:i�� ��!!;.f��t ���i� d :.: c11blc yard1 will he n e e d ed to ,pread W e dn e were worked out for th e contnictor, Thuniday, Section I; 8:00 P. M., Mr. Stewart, by Mr. Phill!ppi, wlto Thutadny, girl• of S e v en th,Eirhth, em ployed a c!ev�r �e<:ha11ical de vice Ninth Grades,School of Practic e : � ea �:....,:;;,';. . i n ve n t i o n , i n m aki n r 1���\�M�7t::,· :n:i.�rr':f�'. After nearly two to n s of ferti!iier tis n VI; 12:00 M., Fri d ay, o ne -half have been worke d i n to th e aoil, the ct Sectio n VI (if a"istance ca n be gra.. s eed wiU he JOwn.This s e ed is obta in ed); 2:00 P. M., Fri d ay, rirls of a c ombi111ttio n or four varietlts, Finh and Sixth Grades, School of namelyKe n tucky Blu e Grus, Ca n a d a Practice; 3:00 P. M.,Friday, Se c tion. �l�•�cr.?��h:�· tr:f•th:t,fr���; ���la� : C(O�iio�·t/� d � , a� n � e t progru1 so rapldly, and that w e m ay Ht cha n gf d 1chedul e .) be favor e d with 111ch weath e r, aa to RULES ;:"; c befo" :t:h, e ;� e ����0/ihe'}!:� 1Secur e 1wim m ina per m it fro m Miu ·ultiu of Stat e Normal Sohools a nd Clark, the 11urs e . T e aohenColleg e s, which will he hel d 2Show P'rmit a n d buy 1"·im m i n a at thb College on O c tober d 13.· !� c c k : ta at book store,-ten c enta Dramatic Club Hol d •Tea 3Whe n you go to th e Gymnaa i um for At a tea held in th e Soc:lai Cent e r swimmi n g-, ahow your p e rmit at S�3tt: n �g;\.:�i: m �; :;.��;:: !��..!��:� , � i 1�!:� t: :�ft ha � Club w e !rom ed ita m embers. Miu tow e l (Girls m ust fumiah caps.) Gooaa e n and Dorothy Murphy, presi- Si n ce your p e r m it must be ahow n den t o!th e dub,re c eive d and A d elin e each ti m e keep it ina aal e place. Bolto n an d .Eva Mayer poured. Th e 4To "fea,,ard th e 11 n itat i on of the m em be.-. of th e club w e r e the n led Pool a nd teco m ply with the at.ate byJoseph Petta on a tour of i n ape c - law, e veryone m ust take a 1oap tlon of the 1tage, d re..l n g rooms a nd · an d wat e r · ahow e r before enter, cos�roo _ m . ___ inir the Pool. Walk throuah the To Attend MN-ti n g foot bath ln d oorway of Pool,and Dr. an d Mrs. Harry W.Rockw e ll 1 e t Into Pool q1dckly. an d Mr. an d Mn. Chestoir A. Pug1\ey 5Stu d enta m111t d em onstrate th e ir wut atte11 d the m eeti n g of theState ability to swim befo)"(! bel n s al· Schoo1Superinten d enta at LakePla c id lowed In the d eep en d . onSeptem�29• Get Acq11al 11 tecl Danw 'I'lleadar NOTICE-RECORD APPLICANTS ''Get ac,qn.atnted" 'I'IIMday after, A representative fromTh e Record noo11 from four 1111til 11.x In the Col- Sta!I' w! all atu d enta who·wlsb I e se Gym, al th e tint annual M'Cbal· to become me m bers ofTheSta«, .on tra uGet Acquainted" Daace. Monday afternoon, at 4 o'clock, In Two houn of daildng will be g1.,.11 Room U3. U youaro interoated in for the m""-1 nin of ten centl. helplnswithTheRecord,pleue wrlte "Never bafon "1Ch barpina." the thne and place of thl1 meetlns In Tb e on:bNba....,_ andIINdl 70ur, y�110teboolr.,un d erllne,an�bepn,eent. help to make this a "blc" a.tralr. tal Statio n d reprcn n romu fro m eJi,·a n th e ol d be d of Bu!l'alo ta a rich alluvial Th e Pool .eh ed ul e : ix t �·::-�:,� h ��r:.�:�· the r e of the mathematical d e q uired r:;: ::ttot i tails Thursday, S e � o :;''!�t �iiow;i":::: V; 2:00 P. M.• So me ctio n


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sday.Second,Third and Fourth _______;.;__

Room Assignments

For Elections Given

ParkEdgeShoeRepair S-d,

!'e arl� or Wisdom Some atl,dcnta spend their apn)"(! time getti n g weighc'



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THE RECORD heStude-nblof thoSlate Tnd1en Coll e c e hlale

·at Buffalo

LITERARY -- ·Tbe OW. RITw • It wlndllt.-,-bl.-11)'� Thia riftl' U.t l lofl. It eoo- from tln7, twlaldhis bmdl To.llllsht7oneoabo\>e. It Hparata twaal ataratalal As thouch a world apart. But I res•rd It•• frilmd: I k n ow Its pulslq hurt..

Tn,lota v1...... eo1r«bl, GREEN BUT FADING ;�Q���t�G�!..� u �!�� d ar ned piano i n t h e Stu d � n tC e n te f w ";F���:=.1:� n �Y o� : rt ;_'1t"lf.s t i:.t;:!, 0 :t �i� h �r: h :: :-;, e t �;���� f s�id��::.�et!�ci: t f o;�� e ���: h : h !�\ t h ! h in discusoio n w e y "Pro f "att em p t i n g to d rUl the fu nd comma,into the muc h -too- th noon. but n o t t h o grea t r hou.. or th e day. As you intcllii:e n LFros h a!Dn w h i· w e 1 h ould be t h nnkfol w e r,althoui: h immatur e ly to i n for m yo u that you are e xpeded to a�1 d ., t � s � tudenl ;.:�.i:'1.: ae::� r,"ea n b_e yll!d musl· d :! ick okull or a n y . number that probably can e v e r . mi n d c by :t f s:t! h : e �:... your ti;��f�l� re not (and •till a�n't) amental v 11 n "df:·� f arc dnss e s n t egra de th e d e v e th e th e Bo d y. 1 FOOTBAI.LlTJS IsSta t e t o h 1tv e a foo t ball t e Rn1! T h is ,m e stlon h s of m n n y stu de n t s for some tim e . Last year t he take-n whe n t he Frosh an d Sop h te ams play ed a t wo-gam e This year forecas t s ev en great e r r e sul t s for the fully..,,rganiu t l dnsa t e a m s are expe<'l e d to participat e in a s e from I laY;:..:i�t·��� t o t :}���i: i : t u;.� u .:;;i: 11: ::. m ;j'.!t u �• t e old a d age,that"Bi ,r t h ings hav e · a m aU b e ginnings." This year's" f oo t ball"is more thoroug h ly organi� ed an d sonle tha n last y e sr's. N e d y e ar'5 p!n n s �ill f ar e xcee4 th so eaeh suee e e d i n gy e ar wi\1 surpas• t he o n e pr e vious. • With all t be ma n ife'JUl. tiono of foo t ball i,nt hu siasm t h den lut how ca n w e be de ni ed • rootball te or uo it may se e m a vag ue dr e am of the ru t or e ,to oth e nliz e d ract. Footballitis hu attack e d o u r . Coll e ,i e ! May i t realiz e i t t,:uly Va,..i t y t e a!" t o repres e nt B u ffaloS t a te T e achersColl e as be en l!'.•idiron lov e ri e mi nd se.-iu. t h r e c...i t h is y e ar a nd l f would not b e to hi11:her educatio n . O ne v e Literature or o u tho"" i nd h•tduab,t h for u� t o du d famous Nluca t eostlybooka. It's&tra n The Llbn.ry has t have o n ly a few books o f n umber n ttd ed lost to ma n y of the clau.. It may be a probl e f bookl w e re re t the m , they woul d Therefore,i n t h e s lo reach their ed n awardNIU n 1ho11ld pr e se n w e w e r e n inS.T.C. All of us i n ry important m e ans or b e at inatructo.-. poi n y. •· ·· The good instruetor rttlizl'! the val ue ,but ge n erally th e o be equippe d a ki nd . ln d by a large claH. Stn n lhici or one i n urned to t h e desk u 1100 n be available to o th e book nee,w e wt!\ be helpi n ucatio n al goal. opl e g e b e m i n e All e n teri n g stud en ts who h•V n !i 1 :�o1fy e ( privi�!;: �� �i., � .. ·�:�! n de ois�:n w :�.; 0 lou d ,'lbn.tio n e,,pttially ' apprttiated by a n

I wonder how m g�n e ra! College feel lost and rn1her ali en o,·er in t he Vocntionnl buil d ing. rtthis con' d itioniaco mm on, 1cs,1u1wa aha:"\ • Th e a nn ou n ce men t of t h e first t e st ·s always a ru d e a"·nken"ng for m e . It puts t he oweet dn:nm or s u mmer far b eh in d . By t h e way. lhat A u stin chOo.�S ,· e ry(! ue cr parki n g plac e s. But then, I ,upros e a n A u s t i n has spec,iDI privil e gu. Jr by any o h anee you object to my opening p h ras e �, d � n ·�r e adComm e 11t. L e t's h av e someAssemblyprogn.m• ::�;:; r :��: 1 li1�:; n ��';ioe�. f ��:i:i; t hey e&n si>eak f or us. T h os e agency �pcnk e , . . w e get aren't always t oo ,-o:>d. !D itM' e m• a • h ame to pass u 1> our ow n tale n t. Th e re was ono e a girl w h n g la n guage t o a Gr ee k long d e a

00;;:·p!sUwant e d-ConsultTheReeord Miss lionnar in A... em hly Expre,isions of"Oh,isn't that bc,au• tifol!" and "Wouldn't I lov e to be r,:,ally t h ere!" greet ed e , very occn e gh· en by Miss Clarino Bonnar, t he int��stini: lecture_r w h o hu hnd real "Adv e n t ures on the Pacific." ' Ev e ry perso n e njoy e d wit h h e r th e uniquo pcr!Dnnel w h ich s h e eneou n t e red on her trip, eipe<:inlly t h e he S.S.Niagnra who would order "Papaw." T he exq u isit� scenes of th e sea an d •UMe t s willlong lingu in th e m em ory or e v e ry onlooker. Perha� many G e ography elanes ean b e mad e mor e i n tcr e stini:b e ea u ge of Miss Bo n nar'aPacific e xp e rienc e s. All will wis h to r eme mb e r t he fin e lnmb and mut t o11 t h at eomn fro m Australia and New Zealan d ,a!so th e h!irds h ips w h ioh t hose t roplea! animals undergo becaus e of thiro t ; t h e lost day nttbe 180th meridllo.n or t he internatie n nl d ate lin e ; t h e fi n e phy• sieal p e ople of the Fiji Islands a n d t heir na t ive c e remonials in their�... ke t ry h uto; that.New Zeala nd e�t en ds 1,000 m il e s so u t h or th e t h irty- f our th d e gr ee or latitud e an d is peop!Ml wit h vii;:-orous an di nd e p e ndent p...,ple;t h nt N e w 1..ealn nd has m ore _ pcaks 10,000 r...,t in h eig h t t h a n Switzerland and e ven ri\·at• Norway's fiord•. Too,ma n y will co n n e ct Auatra!ia, wit h thecity ofSy dne y wiUa mHlio n and one-q u arter popula t io n ; the ga m • bling spirit or Austn.!ia'• peopl e ; t h e Bri t ish wars h ipa in ihharbor; thef-Oi or t he 1 t rflngi, a n ! m ala and hir d s with the •u n rl.e gh-alo n g with t he ka n garoo p e t,, on e


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se2pee!ally ave nr·vc d . The Kick-off Do n o e T he

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ip$. However, i the e Aus t ralian t ed dy b e ar. The pearls - or Th u rs d ay'• Islan d s, the rubbc,r or Born e o,t h e hemp carts or Ma n ila, J e w e lryStr ee t orChi n a., lheChi ne sej un kawit h t h e bright e ye 11 n d the orle n tal c u stoma o!Jaj,11 n all w!ll share i n the rem! n lsc en e e oof the l n tere. t ing Pacific tr!p wi t h Min Bo nn ar. Have yo u r e c en tly r e a d a goo d book! W h y n ot write a book revi e w a nd tcl! us nbout itT. · Contributionscratet u lly reeeive,d. \ t h

sodoloPcal relations h e u 1 e o t h g ourselves u welj as our classm•t

Monday,Septemthm of thUI award at the Registrar's



TijE RECOR·D StateTeachers.College at Buffalo

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Friday,pctober2. 1931 Book Store Open Faculty Member Composer-- Adult Education Conference Bright Ideas Invited for Title

Planned For Buffalo October 12-13

StudentSnppli�sAvailableat Reduced Rates. C'.o\legiateC'.omer Planned

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THE RECORD l'rl•l«ll•U>oSUte�bo.. Coll-PrlntSl,op THE STAFF ts of the Sta te

TeachorsColloraat Bufl"alo

VariedProgram Announced For Teacher-Trainer Meeting n of the Fec:u!ties af St•te Normal Schoel• a n d Teaohera Collelt " " will meet i n BuflD\o at thia Col l ege ,:, n October 12 a n d 13. The time of the meeti n g will b e div i ded b etwee n ge n eral aeuiona a n d 1 pecial 1 u b ject fleld meet in gs.• Mo n day morni ng there w il l b e a ge n eral ae&1io n withDr. Rockwell as the apeaker. Immediately followi n r hi., addnss,the assoc i atio n w i ll d i g n g ta the di,ia i on co n ferenee of the 1peci1\ de­ partme n t i n wh i ch he i• i ntereated, whether it b e Pri n cipal s ,D i rectora of n n g,Dean.s,or the v11r i ou1 •u b ject matter departme n t.a. Th.,,e dia­ s n group• w i ll meet unt i l n Qj) n n l n ch w il l b e 1erved i n the Cafeteria. l n the afternoo n ,previo u ato the n n to �ubjeot ,natter groups far treati ng •pecilic •ubjtcts" u nder the var i oua departme n t s ,an addrua l be, gl,·e n byDr. Mage

Psi Phi Fraternity Host g,September 30,Psi Phi Fraternity gave a supper a n d party In ho n or of Mr. R.DeM011d, who hll!I almost completed hi•Doctor Derree. The affair wu held at the Lafayet te Pre 1b yterian Chun:h a n Lafayette Avenue. Supper wa, fol­ lowed by I b owli n « match. Ma n y pas s ive aa active membeni atte n ded. ASSE�tBLY StUDENT SPEAKERS Mildred Hedina;;;j""ii"awardTrnh Re­ port on Their Eiperie n et11Durin g the Summer. On Frldaf,Seiitember . 26,Mildred Hedin.a 1tude n t at S. T. C.,d!,cusud her trip to Europe u n der the ail s pice s f the L<.'llfUe of Natio n • Auoc:iat i o n . She re l ated ma n y l n tere 1 tl n g per­ ao n al experie n cco,1uch u g etti n g l o1t In Holla n d. She emphuiud eope­ cial\y the nu m b er of 1 tude n t g ather­ i ng • where s t u de n t s of al l n atio n • c1me ta1ether,each 1roup ca n tri b ut­ i ng •omcform ore n terla in me n t. Her duorlptlo n of Genna: n u n iveni i ties when, clau atte n da n re ia n ot e<>m- rt:::i/�: c :;z.,; n � c :: • f!�:r:�:.;'.j in k n owi n g that althou g h Germa n y is app0aetl to the present kague of Na- ���:� n : h t s 1.ic,L�f:.":it •t a Learue of Due to her l imited time,Mi11 Hetlin rou l d n ot tell u,·all ahe de s ired, b ut s he 1&ld she wo ul d gladly addreiia amall «roups. •'ollow in g Min Hedi"'" lalk,How­ ard Treoh,a l 1a a stude n t,who repre­ oe n ted S. T. C. at the l n tematlo n al Problem, Co n fen n ce at Mou n t ' llal c yoke,rep 0 rto-do n hi1 trip. He emphaalud p�rt l cu l arly the n eed for more • u ch st u dent e<> n f�r­ cncea a n d dlocuoaed the b e,leflta ob­ tained. He urged everyo n e ta work towartl 1uc�e future. l'arent•Tearhera Meet The Hrst Parent-Tcecher• AHocla­ tion meeting of the year will b e held Tue1d•y. Octo b er 6. at8:00 P. M.,I n the Practice School Aud i torium. After the b u1l n ffl meet ln &", in wh i ch report• from the Laws and Le,i1lat l o n , l101pital i \y,a n d Prorram Commit!eel w l ll b e d i acuned, the topic for the mo n th of O<:tober,MThe Preaont Curr i culum of the Sehoc l of Pract i ce," will be pnae n ted by the Oir,,." Ctora of Tral nin a-, Miu Gn,.., wUI preae n t that bf the Kinder­ that of the I n termediate d Mr. H.J. Steel that of the Ju n ior Hl11h Sehool Gradea. F0Uow ln 1 a b rief preai, n tatlo n ot the a i na. ldeal1 a n d praetkeo of the schocl,ther. will be I n forma l recep- n 1 at which th tea.chera In each :::r: i !�e'::. " "�!,",,.'tt;'�� !r:.k"j� each grade. The major toploa ta b e dl 1 c:uued for each mo n th ot the tami n r year Ire 11 followa: October. Prest n t Curricul u m of the ure-Tlmt Readl n r of Chi l dren;De­ cember,Orira n l1ed Sportl for Ch l l­ n ;Ja n uary, En l uatlo n of Appre­ elatio n L n Mu1lo,· Att, a n dDramatic•; b ruary, Evaluatio n of Orp,n!1ed b l n !& c �� 1 1i��;i� 0 �•�;;11� n ��: �::i:\i o �:.�-:� y; May , to Mr. R. DeMond al Supper O n Wedae,iday eve n i n tio 1: di'e Fe f;�U,.

,penie, each member


OVER THE BACK FENCE s 0 �1:!��� t�� 1 n n i i y made ta the pat i e n t s i n about the patien�, we draw the - following co n cl u �io n o: To the ave ::: ��7���:r:lf�:E:::t�e:�:� e i:. m��� !::1� t:� :� d :��;:��;:: 1plendld ath l ete wlth a 1 tronr,fi n ely ah1ped b ody, ll . l i n �with fever? Thu•mirM o n ecompare the ml n da of many of the patle n tll w,th tho athlete, temporarily dow n ed b y Ul n en. They are ill. Thej, n eed atte n t i o n . They need 1 ympathy. Above all,thef need u n del'l! tan di n r, We are 1 uppo11ed l y norma l ,dece n t ma nn ered,we l l-educated peop l e. Let'•prove ouraelvu ne i 1h­ bora,rather thanJeerenoYer the back fe n ce. OU R ALMA MATER The bleak n e1 1 of our surrou n di n g, i• aaon to leave ua. No la n rer will our 1p!e n did b ulld!np sta n d surro un ded b y a aea of mud. Rather an, we to have apac!au 1 lawn•, b eautif u l •hf'Ubl;ery,a n d perhap 1 a few majestic elms,all of which will add dlg n lty and chann to our finely desig n ed Coll1e1e. Already,the work of la n dscapi n 1 la pro1reasinr rapidly, The tap 1 all haa been placed over our ent\N Campua. Tho fertllld n r a n d 1eedi n a- which are to fo!low aoc n ,g i ve. u1 every rl1ht to look forward e.arerly to the Brat aigns of green. " Na lauger will.our College ca n al1t of beautif u l b ulldl n 1 1 ln a n u n aightly aetting, b ut rather beautlful buildi n gs ln a"b.autlful.etti n 1. It wiU be e Callere of which our city a n d ata te ca n beJu1tly proud. It will be a 1ight which we ca n , in Comi n a- yeara,proudly reca l l to memory, a slrht of which weca n proudly uy,"That 11 my Alma Materl" The n,aular meeUns. of A l pha Delta Sigma Epallon - Alpha Sl1m1 Alpha Delta Sigma Epsilo n Sorority o n Slim• Alpha wu held o n -Mo n day September 28 at a ba n quet whloh waa eve n inr,September 281 at the North held In the College Cafeteria. Ma n y Street Y. W. C. A. Final plans for n n d ac;tives were present. the flrst n1 1 h party were made. te n n O �il; A u to it. Yet,wlththe oha"i'e of our !oc:atlo n te red. Thua we hear"You b elo r n iiourCollereat u de n t.ll. Not o ly a th •uppoaed l are uaually greeted with a laugh. Aa we l i 1 te n :kf.':t;:d c ;:���; l ; ! �e:.":�•;; �:t"!�l\ g ,the phraae a!ao_hao bee n n ext doer!'' a, a favonte acath l s heard, bu 'tma n the State Ho5j1 to a few of t�e favor i !�/:/!.,i!\�:an':� i ghtly n1 retort ital . They te jokea a! al afflo rotheralluaio n Fau n dera'Day wu cele b rated by of the I Alum �:;:i t ; ae a d Re � IO �s:!r .t::::. wh; ot patro ize ur advertl 1 era?

n , 2326 Nla,ara Stnet,plans Al l e n n1 ru•h partleo were prten·Pr


, ... _ Tbq......tllab"biJ,a, ThQopadlilir...­ n,.....dallrllpL TIIQ tw.k..,......... ,,:t_-= c:r= WNt.�WcPP. �--:..·:t� T .. �

n the Pariah llauae,an !filn� Sehool of Pr1ctlee; Novtmber,Ltl1-

Tba thl"I' \)la\ puu l ed IUI at th• dance, INI FTlday,'WU why l)qrla dldn't abowtheU n ln.a;ottbecoat 1ha dlaplay..L Why not pal.rOnlu uw-adnrt.lNrtT

1ultTheRecord � �ltl � n ll'





THE RECORD State Teachers Collegeat Bultalo

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . : CALE.>.;DA � , : ' • Friday, Oet o ber 2- • • )I011Cl"J',October 5- • 4-6 P. M. RH:Onl Party ln • Socia.I � nte r KA.� T'uC!llday, Ocl.obu G- 10-11 P. M. Auembly-Stu­ d e n t F o nim. Wedneeday, O.tober 7- 4-6 P. M. Meetlna: of Nu • 1 �;;;� • .. B�,i,&- m• i n Soci a l • Thun,day, October S- , � 4 P. M. ECOSA M ee t in g. ' • 8 P. M. Me n 'a Cl u b Me et - • : ing--Election of Offi""-l'S- : . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . Beauties Jr Southwest To Be Topic ofAssembly Miu Ruth Houston, h e ad of t he Coll e lt't H e al th Educa tion Deput­ me n t, will de pic t for us o n Octo b er 9 t he eolorful "Wo n derl ands o f t h o Great W es t an d S ou t h west." Af te r a t rai n journey from t he Eut. t h e u,,,· e lu alart.o from L un d, Uta h , on a 460-mi! e mo to r to u r t h rou1 h t h e re<:e n tly ope n ed nat io na l parks of that refrion. Zio n N a tio na l Park, i n t he v i c in ity o f Lund, h u more unu s ua l b r i ll i a n t color eff'eet,i and more •P<'Ctaeular mou n ta ins ri sin g fr o m th e ca. n yo n floor t h a. n a. n y ot h u na ti o n a.l par\,: w h ich = ha,·e. From Z i o n N..t i onal Park we are tak en to Mt. C a rmel H i g h way. Thi s h ig h "'*Y prese nt e d a. n ew pro b lem i n mo un tai n ro a d co n •tnic t io n u n o k n ow n .e n g ine eri n g pri n c i ple c ou !d be applie d u t h baaic p0i n t !rom w hi c h t o be gi n opera tions . New pr in ciple s h d t o b e e,·olvtd t o fi t tha t oit u a­ tio n . T h i• n e w roa d tunne l s t h ro u g h flOlid mou n ta in for a m i l e . 'There •n on ly two s omew hat shnil a r roads i n the world-<> n e, th e Ann st nu• e of SwiHerl and , .n d th e o t her. t h e Co­ l u m b d. R i v e r h ighw a y i n t h e U n i te d Stat e s. Pu•ing fr om t his w on derful e nm­ rle of e n ,, ine eri n ,. sk i ll w e t ravel i n spiri t t h ro u g h Fre don i a , Arizo n •. Fredo n ;. h u t h e d isti n c ti o n of be in g th town farthe st remove d from an y niilroad i n the U n ite d Sta t es, 98 mil e a a way. It i• a lto the o n ly place i n Arit on a n ort h o f t h e Gra n d C an yo n . . •. Kai b 4b Natio n al Fdre!! t is t he l a rgest virg i n fore s t und er gover n me n t co nt rol. I t i s i n t h i• f o n� t t h at former Pre s i dent Rooaevelt h u n ted mo un tai n Hom.. Miu Hou. t o n the n will t a ke u , to ParkEdgeShoeRep!!ir

Bidwell 2567·8-9

Bein theSwim With Tri Sig Tonight



F_iiday, October9, 1981

No. '

V�tional-lndustrial Dep't

College Faculties Will Convene

Bverything to Eo.t

Becomes A.V.A.LifeMember tu l Oepartment , h h h to hi n th a ! Departme nt . en on d rther sta t d preotige to our Coll e g e . an Voc a ti ona �F[ n t�;� t ��d a :.,�!�\� n r t01c hin de p i n ts of th ted to t e purc e American Voca­ . T h i• m

El'mwot:d's Largest Grocery

CKa.rge, If You Wish

Reductions Made Cafeteria Announces New · Priw­ MissGill!ertUrgesl'.ooperation of Students forBetterSenjce

At State October 12 and J3 . Theme ToBeAaalJsllofCmrio­ ul11mMal.erial-&T.C.PaeaHy To Play ImportantPvt ht. 1be Mffllnp Roeord


; ; iew T h i.o t on mil e pa r Droppi � n hu t ,p,:: n d w hi c h to rtur R i v e r. Le a v �,�'1 w i U t a h . h of huma :�:�: . t e amo n g t and the T h c l n d th o 14 m i ha k. M mod� of tr a n g " es of v e th egr ta n ti l s e i ou in t m n.ter thr e i les wid , c bi•11rre and fa n , a ly color Se,·ernl ol id h e N Pue b lo i 1>n of t ,ubdued by t h he i• SUP<'r i ma n y respects, hi • l hi h h e dw de n d up0 n i i i ut i o n . From n orther pa,.. to the sout h h e Cnrl, b ad Cavcr i n al park, a d t gloriu ate nd 'l'50 feet b e low th the o rty miles p0aed of th e me plscea t ::-t�::.�:W. ca,·ern bttause of i ts Mi-, Hou, t o n b e l 11re t!upHr11t,,d no wh world. F o r thia r �:s: h �u���t:� . a f e rt The al id u ua e d d u i ll he fro-, two ,ro u o r two railroad c om mat!e from pietu,..,, ou n mni Footb a h �M nr e r u u r Coll e ge that t h n i a o t ball t as "Hy" Sc h otti n n a rk, Fr an Harry Ab a t e , an d ot yeara, m a y be s u n i • te a m picke d fr o m ' o e eo will d i w c t t c pe l t v o f so it and r i p; i vi • . o. · �� e t�!! s e g no feeli ., , t !:.:'t� i o a h n :. e i p; of • p; . n w ( H o i:ra Do sto . u T i7. ne f o atC n

an h um varies from fo u r widt h a nd i s 156 m i !ca en h e s na na ly praotical an n trail$. h u e i e n g a pr.-.ipitou,, e a i ves to an m n ka of t h e muddy, t n,ach e rou s C o lorado a nd Canyo n t he next c,e Nati on al Park in amp h l­ es on g and t wo i ns th e mo •t weird, ta•ticrock fo,,nat i ons, al a n d ,·e:rctable form, n s almo n p i nk,, a n d d h a vajolndioM or Ar i 1 on n t ribe• or N e w Mex i c o . h e Sou th \\·eot, a lt h o u gh e wh i te m a n . fe e ls that or to t h e w hi te man i n i h ut he can w r es t d country in e lb a n d doe s n ot n ec

Section Captains Elected

,..-Th l ndu fu n me m tio na io t n d u T h •t u do to bri t iou T h Educa e d wit bers t o be preo.e n stri is mov e m n ta of t h U n i=: f u an e Americ ; i i�:�f}0;1 ;���{� al f;��::.!��t! h tion in u •

e ln i g. Of this l combi n s b een H t asid u lcb a ck is t h e o vel on the c do wn t h r o ug u a ,afe. tra i l the tn,ve! n ht t s n th an of c ed a nl re lo

NO !\ECORD NEXT WEEK Therewl\l be n o iMaeofTh e n ut woek duo to tbe fact th1t tbu. wlll be tw o d•r• v•cati o n, Monday an:1 TuHd1y. Editor andAssociatesC�osen

At Wednesday Meetings el P. iiii 1 iti� Rertr i c� M i ller: r.,...-....r I. Fr�� --- K o c h ; Grammar II, W in o n a Sim on ; Guild OITer Stu d e n t llates Juniors: K in dergart�n-Pr i mary I, S t u d e nt B o dy 5]><"C i nl rates for the Fra n ces Dybtra; l n t e rmed i at,, I. performRnces n t t h e Erlanger T he n· H o me Econqyni(o Ill, Dorot h y Lan& �·n Alfred Lunt nn d Lynn Fontaine ii":��:. n ernl Industrial Ill, Jo hn L. ;,°;e n.� a:,v::��:·��v e :���.J�',?;��: T :�:����i . al -�ne Yea r "Group, J. �i� s �� the preferred loca t io n � o f t h e • � e n i on: Ge n er i al Co l lege, F....nce,, r,:1�::� r �ome E<:o n om i .,,, Alw i lda Execut i ,· e Cou n dl Mect11 Th e Exeouti,•e Cou n c i l or t h e Stu­ dent•' A.,,x;ntion met Inst Thursdny i n Social Ce nt er "H". T he Co un : i l hu many i mp0rt11 n t t o ries t o ,et t !e i n th e n u t few weeks ,u�h as the free , h our rrom 3:00 to 4·00 on Wedncsday, o r t h e n,1 u lt1 of the el.-. t ion• this we e k, and lnatly Th��!��: 1 �:�1�\� dlo s,,.,.••,.1.,..0,.,..r... 111,,1,s.1,oo1Crt<11.. i s e u c �:frn':::, Eat at P;irk Lunch H"meCookl n g, Courtay, Ser�l,e 011rPrienarcRipht Geor1

n effec o e t g i ce of f t d �pr e m t o th ed by t nio lleie C a f ake · ��..°ba�:::r i e d qual i e g ood n e � a

Owi e pr n conomic h e C ib or the b th bee e of t J>O$o l ���r�: i �r'1 f;:,, o ., ly Stud ti ona o r co mc n rvide he lp n n o t op ,,.., urg er ia e , . ,.t i


er •taples e mue , t h e m e r i a m a a t

i u ..ed en t d it i on n h

l rtduc t h -di an ha rked re

t bat s c • gem un d uc t on u


u '"l.."':'i!i'! n No....,.J Sch d i The ge u p,, will Teacher11 Gallese an d g program w i ll be giv n o n will be an a u m materia.!. Th e o wn State Tc a ch e n, F a c y c o mmittee o f D ean C a t h eri vam begi n s M o n d en.l " " ""io n d

°:f �-= oo l FMIIIU. n B11ffalo on Oetober 12 n eral lHll!om a n d h e n at. tli• o nalyslt o f o nttd greatly by u lty, and un e r the n e Reed o tral thine f varied pr by divisi d o ur Collep stu d e n ay,m openi n g wt t&. m• at o n t

Yo�t wlU be hel n d 13. d iac: u Stat e curricul o the hospitali t director11 h ip "'Ill co n 1ltt ot ·Th e pr o in� witb a re n 9:80 o'c!, foll o s':� a 11lrn wro y H"tel Statler. The ce n on th c ve ti ur

a fo

e At Record StaffMeeting College a n d

ear n 1 a g the Gr ll be Br i Thi• park, • gr e a t e mil l e o nta n nim


}:;?:!F:�:�:. 1

At II meeti n h Th o m a a r. The me e ernoo n d it n h , Margar e e re el e ora. T h e Staff policy for T he t e mut h •r of t h e O ne n duotri a l Dep a interestwhe n Ralp ye af t A, R<>t Willis w t I a d io A th I

g of T n d g w n , October 5, i n , Eva M t Ge n t n ctt d a l"" a d e o rd. in ea s, Ge n ti R -Y he ex e

h e Record Stsff, nd ustrial JU, o a s hel d Mo nda Soci a l Ce n t,,r a yer, V i rgi n i a er llil as As""date E d i- o pttd th e new a e p, Gene,.,.! t. arou1 ed m u ch t d he Ulster c m m•

eral I itor for th e g, Mr. Rear, r Gro u rtm en h !bi e ''T

:.�;: 0 ::.::·,.,�:� �, il �a�0��; ;:�; ty a n d th e hi g he •t

�� V�eati�:j t a 5t five y01ra. s in i n n i 11. New en tire Voc a rollt d a• r �i£;1[� r:·:e;; t ct o of.

ming m•i n i n e

d Arthur gram U being act i

� \:�:i i t o "ticlrlc t t Hody, l nee d s u w e ns tr,,ct i ,· e cr ua wi!l ha• •how n e wi th the e d i n r e n ees of. rood bre e th e employ.ea in earry in i: on th d s a h t� p en t its w tur n Stu,l in e a•c :��·:!�r!lly " :,,..,�:�/�:� �.�i:;:o!� t he a te th e r:1rid ,.,.t e but to moet theirnutri - u r G o lle ns . b�i n ,i th e first i i cism s of lu n c h eon York Stllte t,, b e gladly rec e h·cd an d n n rlu,tr ia i in e la dur ng h O t'o al-T lNTER-FRATERN'ITYSTAGPARTY o mmitttta Complet e Pla n "'- Chooae LabShonF o rParty n ha ve bee n complet ed a n d preparat i o ns a re now be in g m a de to ha e n nte r-Frnt e r nit y Stag P a rty f:f ��{{�{f,;€;f ��;}j� �\�J�\,�;;};;�:;:;; """ '' ''·' '"" '' '"' ,� m. '" 1 ·•d w,.,, ,w>mm>,, '" "O,>, »• ffllt.1 �:..:�'"!! t �r� ra :� o e n :::;.:� s::� ��i li :,::ier, Bill Becker and P a ul l o y11lty of t h e Stu dent Body. ltU the desire of the committee C · � Pia v • i eeeHnry i r � . a I �1:� " o( daro ��;��1:;��:.�0:i���: r:t�:.!n a � i s a i the h he p it� a• t in a,· e l Faculty e n di ,titutio ll e di gn nt B<>dy, t to s h ow t n g w h th e Cafht e ir work with t h e u to co- h ey h o,a ielt w i ll e i o :���!;:;

n t i ving frnm the ar i








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y of Buffal o re51, Abb e dd

State Tnch e









flowerywoffl• a n ��� �rit�: n :f 1 $Qui ha • p a rtt d alllya·be h i n d." ito o e a h rBM'II. I w:".!'1���:·;.. d but his mortal bei n g a ncestora wa• e r at t he time th at s pri nt ed. l twelve. ._,.,. a t $1.00 per couple. They may n cd atthe table i n t he Stu d ent r or from any member of th n h s n era.I chair- f "the dan ce. T he committees d ne Corcoran, h o s tra; Virgi n ia Eapie, c ha pero n s; de ::orati o 11J1; an d blicity. Th e ch1per- , Miu Engl e - r ·J.,':i�;�,= Ku -pf , and � r . Ml11ic will be tumiahed by Lloyd o n h o rchestra. who played last ao;immer. � e resular meetin& of Uie Art u b 01;1 Tuesday, October 6, Mr Caurlea pve Bil •ntue.t:lnc pl- 1 l e ry talk f o r tha ""'mbera and tbelr n s p eak ��t; - an O n e of Mr. Rear's f th p p d t n a Tri-Sigma's Deep Sea Danca Sigma. Sl!fma Si,:m• sorori t y ,p0ft.'lori n g a Deep Se a D a ce thUI e ve nin g i n th e C from nine u nti on e ed this e • r i io w pl b Ce ma orc sale obtai nte •orority. Ele, n o or Sc i a� u follows, G e ral l!oor committee; Virgi n i a h Frances DyUtra, Fred• Meyer, p u n s will be Mi-, B a co n k ge i W etst ne, e o �;: W M!. lf a at Silvtr Lak e Kraft Cl d is At tb d p

8:30, A '"4"!:;h!: K n ig si journme n L Membera w mittee, a .ur e m Miu Ca ud chairman Dr. M


:, t i �t�:�; e t erground h tly e , by Miu y Bell, al' a i n st o ll e ge. y, Sep­ e n1 Grace Bo ne rb; r o e nd r e o r­ n me it ti on , J un g offlc ior da , h w �;,ot es ade ooe o n g arou ni a u h nitt o m. S h , R her ,tars of put n u o wn C ac io r n ·o followi e Moore. g of - n Tue. n ent re n the h u great , i lle n •� o ! f 300 f nd n. n d rig , our t io n g the addr ho se m iu an d t h n !• vaca

�f� u v e•..-ryt ,:et 1tart�. h d :�:� Reed, h ope• hin l:'ll t h a o f your C o T �:i t

r,e, I . mud hav a y ea ;�:·n mpli, h m

,iu not be

"full .., r under t y go l m a n

d- to e d

1110 Elmw(!od Ave. All Linnof8•011111 Culh,rc PARK EDGE Beauty Parlor and BarberShop 1122 E lT.Wf:,t:: n ;:,r . w .

an i e,·�. a th �t the Wed hold• n�tural won- der-s Or variety, for"' 11nd col o r t h at ere e e in t e e n o n


nr: ehe, i t l. t i p o r< D! . to a

aso l e n rce•: t pn n t ake ll Ch a mors goi e Al u m a , Ed W k Smit h n t i ri e

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t��t;�:� t wi!l m11ke you r.-.J pr ou d e o



Al St Cl

T Gle t e were O'Bri Tre • e

he mber 29. e lee en a u an<:o u

n b wu t d Pl'e$ld ; S.-.retary, Mil d rer, C h ri n d mu h el T he t : at e t i d

U 8:ID. B!a ...m ��.2E':!����::�� thit1ea waa o 1;1tllned. tc..i..-1•,_,_,

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