Kevin Patrick Law - November 2021

Was Alexander the Great Buried … Alive?!


For centuries, the ancient Greeks ruled most of Europe and the world, and one man is credited with unifying this historically powerful mass of people under one rule for 13 years: Alexander the Great. Alexander is most known for his hard- fought capture of land all across the globe after succeeding his father on the throne at just 20 years old. But Alexander’s rise came crashing down when he died just 12 years later. Today, the facts of his death are starting to piece together a curious puzzle for historians, because some now believe Alexander was buried alive. Surprisingly (and terrifyingly), this wasn’t uncommon. For centuries, doctors struggled to definitively prove someone was dead because many of the classic

signs of death are similar to those of someone in a comatose state. This became such a common problem into the 20th century that people were buried in specialty coffins or with a bell tied around their hand to alert grave watchers. (As bodies decomposed, you can imagine how this created eerie occurrences.) Experts believe Alexander the Great may be one of history's first recorded instances of such a death. After 12 days of abdominal pain that led to a fever and paralysis, ancient Greek doctors couldn’t detect a breath from their great ruler, and he was declared dead. As the massive empire mourned, Alexander’s body was prepared for the afterlife, but he didn’t show signs of decomposition for six days. This only fed the belief that Alexander — like other rulers of his time — was part god.

Dr. Katherine Hall of the University of Otago, New Zealand, believes this suggests that Alexander wasn’t yet dead. In fact, he may have been suffering from a rare bacterial infection that attacks the nervous system and leads to paralysis, which could result in the lack of breath. As such, Dr. Hall believes he was entombed alive, making him one of the first to suffer a “false death.” However, other historians are quick to say Dr. Hall’s theory is too speculative to be taken as fact. Among the common counter arguments, Dr. Hall's reliance on data and details collected centuries after his death can be troublesome. We may not know exactly how Alexander died, but with Hall’s theory, some of the final pieces of the puzzle may fall into (an eerie) place.


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