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As many readers know, our director Eric Nehring recently published his book “More Than Music: How Choosing the Right Music School Will Develop Skills, Build Character, and Prepare Your Child for a Successful Life.” For those who haven’t picked up a copy, the book is available on Amazon! But for those who have too much on their reading list already or just prefer to listen to nuanced conversations, we’re announcing the “More Than Music” podcast! Hosted by Eric himself, this monthly series will feature guests that cover the full spectrum of music education. There will be interviews with educators, parents, musicians, collegiate music program directors, and other professionals connected to the ways learning an instrument can change a child’s life. Each episode delves into a different area of how lessons teach more than music — the ways kids can build confidence, learn better organizational skills, bond with their parents, and find new means LIVE FROM MNSOM STUDIOS IT’S THE ‘MORE THAN MUSIC’ PODCAST!


Noah C.

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Marisol G.

Amelia L.

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of self-expression. If you’ve ever wondered what defines a good musical education, this podcast has the answers. Is music practice valuable even if my child doesn’t become a famous musician? How do I tell a good music teacher from a bad one? Are there ways for me to be a part of my child’s practices? These are the kinds of questions “More Than Music” sets out to answer. With the help of

industry veterans, Eric delves into the concepts covered in his book in an entertaining and insightful way.

“More Than Music” will launch on popular podcasting platforms this August, and we’ll be releasing new episodes every month. All sessions are recorded right here at Minnesota School of Music Studios. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas for future episodes. If you have a pressing question about your child’s music education, please let us know!

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