CBSI Alternative Investments Commentary-BR

However, you may be more familiar with alternative investments than you realize. Real Estate Investment Trusts or REITs, Hedge Funds, Infrastructure/Energy Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs, and Commodities are all considered “alternative” investments when compared to traditional investments such as stocks, bonds and money market funds. investments in general have not kept up with equity and fixed income returns. Even the last five years have been disappointing as a 60% S&P 500/40% Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Bond portfolio returned 9.64% versus the Hedge Fund HFRI Fund of Funds Conservative Index return of 3.68% (returns are annualized). Despite the recent challenges, we still believe that Hedge Funds and other alternative funds have a place in portfolios as Since the economic and market recovery that began in 2009, Hedge Funds and other alternative

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