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the face of gaming in the UK – hence, this is sage advice.

Continuing to cede ground to those that want to disparage the licensed gaming and tar both licensed and unlicensed operators with the same brush has consequences for both the industry and consumers. Amid a perfect storm, it is all the more important to gather solid empirical evidence and make it known to the public. What does the body of scientific evidence on gaming advertising suggest? How does advertising impact on problem gaming? What is known? And what are simply assumptions? These are the questions that I inquired together with Dr. Heather Wardle in a large-scale meta- study and the results seem more topical than ever. For those interested in the findings, you can download the study through the publisher Cambridge University Press. Finally, I shall use the opportunity to cordially invite you all to sign up via the IMGL Website for the IMGL Zurich conference taking place from 6 to 8 September 2023. I would like to thank all IMGL colleagues who have substantially helped through their active involvement in the organizing subcommittees to make it a memorable event for all attendees. Take a look at the pieces from the Ukrainian regulator in this issue (p6). We look forward to the opportunity to meet her in Zurich. Finally, we owe much gratitude to President Mancini for his contributions and efforts for the IMGL Zurich conference. Looking forward to seeing you all in Zurich!

Yours sincerely, Simon

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