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Killin’ it on Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing With Pastor John Zehnder

The next topic we touched on was finances. Pastor John says, “It’s about planning. It’s about setting up a budget. It’s not rocket science.” We both agree that Dave Ramsey can be a great resource in helping you manage your money. His books have all sorts of great advice, and they are actually fun to read. Finally, we covered parenting troubles. “Different areas in the life cycles of kids,” Pastor John says, “require different things.” Don’t think about “disciplining your kids,” he advises, but rather “providing them guidance.” Set a good example, reward good behavior, and you’ll be well on your way to building a strong relationship. After our interview, the rain broke and we were ready to hit the lake. We used live shiner under a bobber for bait. Since I’m used to free line fishing, I had to be careful not to yank the reel as soon as the bobber dipped. Captain Joey told us to wait four seconds after the bobber went under before hauling in the fish. It worked like a charm. We caught around 30 largemouth bass, even if a massive “swamp donkey” eluded us. Getting out on a lake for some freshwater fishing was an awesome change of pace. Pastor John and Captain Joey definitely killed it. Next time I head out to Lake Okeechobee, I hope the weather’s a little better, but I’m already looking forward to it.

Down here in Fort Myers, we’re used to saltwater fishing. For the latest episode of “Rates and Reels,” though, I was able to take Pastor John Zehnder of St. Michael Lutheran Church 90 miles east to catch some largemouth bass on Lake Okeechobee. As our captain, Joey Berg, warned us in advance, it was a “brand-new world.” The weather gave us some trouble early in the day, but once we got out on the lake, we were reeling in bass left and right. I also got the chance to sit down with Pastor John, and he shared some wisdom about common troubles he sees as a pastor. My cameraman and I got up around 5 a.m. and headed over to Pastor John’s. We got there at 5:20 and were greeted by a huge light going off in his driveway. I felt like I might’ve woken up Pastor John a little early, but he was eager to get moving. As we arrived at Roland and Mary Ann Martin’s Marina, the rain was really coming down. While we waited for it to pass, I sat down with Pastor John for an interview. Just a little background — Pastor John has been a big part of my life. He officiated my wedding, baptized our three kids, and spoke at my dad’s funeral. He’s a pillar of our community, even though he’s too humble to admit it. To take advantage of his expertise, we replaced our normal “Three Questions” segment with a discussion of “Three Problems” that I see during my interactions with people in the mortgage business. The first struggle we discussed was marriage issues. “There’s a lot of different stresses in marriages,” Pastor John says, “but probably the biggest one is the whole area of communication.” He recommends setting aside a critical eight minutes every day for communication: “the two minutes when you first wake up, the two minutes before you separate for the day, the two minutes when you reconnect, and the two minutes before you go to sleep.”

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