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“ How Would I Know If I Have A Healthy Spine?” Finding The Source & Resolution To Pain Caused By The Spine

Most of us will experience back or neck pain at some point in our lives. It is the price we pay for walking on two legs. If you suffer from the occasional ache or have chronic low back or neck pain, the goal is to relieve the pain, without the need for surgery. In fact, recent studies point to the fact that patients who underwent a common fusion procedure for the spine, were more likely to have a second surgery within 2 years*. The best way to avoid the need for spine surgery, is to improve the health of your spine, and

our treatments play a key role in making that happen. WHY DOES YOUR NECK OR BACK HURT?

One thing to understand about neck and back pain is that it is mechanical. Just like a car can have problems with moving parts, so can your spine. The daily barrage of strain on our backs with sitting, lifting improperly, and poor nutrition, can wreck havoc on our spines.

Most spine pain comes from the following 4 trouble areas: 1. Poor posture and alignment 2. Lack of knowledge on how to bend, lift, sit, sleep 3. Lack of muscle strength 4. Poor flexibility and muscle coordination

The good news, is that your body is adaptable and you can always improve what you have. With the right treatment and training, your back or neck can usually make a full recovery. Physical Therapists and Chiropractors are the mechanics of the body, and seeing one of our specialists first can often help you avoid expensive testing or medical procedures. NorthEast Spine and Sports Medicine Can Help You Maintain A Healthy Spine, Naturally! *Anand Veeravagu, Tyler Cole, Bowen Jiang, John K. Ratliff The Spine Journal, Vol. 14, Issue 7, p1125–1131 Published online: October 14 2013

Health Tips

“How Should I Prepare For My Daily Runs?” 4 Amazing Tips To Buying Running Shoes

1. Visit your physical therapist to do a gait analysis. Checking whether you are a supinator, neutral or pronator is the first step into buying the right type of shoe. 2. Don’t think that more expensive equals better. Brands of running shoes vary greatly in price. Do your research. 3. Buy from a running store. Try on many brands and compare shoes that fit your gait.

4. Buy a shoe that you actually like. It doesn’t hurt to buy something you feel great wearing!

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