Wellstar Community Report – July 2018 - June 2020

PEOPLECAREANYWHERE Whether you need close urgent care, primary and specialty care medicine right in your neighborhood or prefer to log into a virtual health visit, Wellstar makes it easy to get quality care at your convenience.

It’s Wednesday afternoon and Donna has a routine visit scheduled with her Wellstar cardiologist. It’s been a crazy morning with work and family duties. As Donna opens her laptop to begin her appointment, she takes a deep breath, and feels her heart rate slow. Thanks toWellstar telemedicine, Donna can often visit with her care team from home, without battling traffic and parking. Wellstar Health System continues to innovate, making care not only closer, but more convenient. That’s because patients like Donna have told us that accessibility to physicians, nurses, testing and procedures matters more now than ever.

Whether it’s a virtual medical appointment or a one-stop visit to her local health park for blood work and a quick bite, Donna loves knowing that the services she and her family need are as close as the neighborhood grocery store. At Wellstar health parks, hospitals, physicians’ offices and other locations, convenience goes hand in hand with collaboration. We know that the best healthcare is built on partnerships. When patients participate in their healthcare decisions, they feel better about the process and they experience more favorable outcomes.

FY 2019 – FY 2020 Wellstar Patient Engagement

826,000 Health Park patient visits in 2019 and 2020

3.4 million total Health Park visits since implementation

7,308 virtual health patient encounters

16 services offered through telehealth

1,000 new jobs created at Health Parks

2 new Health Parks added in 2019

2,547 telepsychiatry ED and IP video visits

5,768 teleneurology/ telestroke encounters


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