Wellstar Community Report – July 2018 - June 2020

“My fellowWellstar physicians are partners in care. They share my commitment to the best in quality and outcomes for our patients.”

“My patients, even those in their 90s, are successfully using Wellstar’s MyChart portal to become more empowered about their medical issues and treatment.” “The best part about my job is the patients that I have the opportunity to care for every day. It is very rewarding to help patients who come in and are in pain and unable to live the life they want and to be able to provide them the tools, medication, other treatments to get them back to the quality of life they desire.” Kelly Weselman, M.D., FACR Rheumatologist

Paul Douglass, M.D., MACC, FSCAI Chief, Division of Cardiology

“We know that patients who are supported do better. Group prenatal care decreases preterm births, low birth weight and anxiety, while increasing patient satisfaction.” Joy Baker, M.D., FACOG, PMH-C, C-ERM, MT (ASCP) Obstetrics and Gynecology “I am thankful to be a nurse and thankful to be a part of Wellstar Spalding!” Laura Moss, RN IMCU

Ryan Cantwell, M.D. Internal Medicine

“I cannot help but say how proud I am to be part of the team.” Elizabeth Peters, MSN, RN, SCRN, Stroke Program Coordinator

“In addition to providing the best care to my patients, I find immense joy in playing an influential role in training the next generation of physicians. As a clinician it is a part of our Hippocratic Oath to educate future healthcare providers and leaders and provide compassionate care to our patients – I am extremely happy that I am able to do both at Wellstar.” G. Waldon Garriss, III, M.D., MS, FAAP, MACP Program Director, Internal Medicine

“I like the fact that when patients return after successful treatments I can see in their faces that their lives are really better.” Thomas Chun, M.D. Urologist

“There are great advances being made in treating neurological diseases. And Wellstar supports us in providing the best care for our community. I love what I do. I love to be able to work with the patients, the whole rehabilitation team and the family.” Vimala Nair, M.D.

Hospital Medical Director for Rehabilitation Services

13 | 2019–2020 COMMUNITY REPORT

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