Wellstar Community Report – July 2018 - June 2020

BRETTCARE Brett Faucett was, quite literally, at a crossroads. While driving to a meeting, the 39-year-old felt numbness in his left arm. He could ignore the symptoms and keep going, or turn around and head to the Wellstar Kennestone Hospital Emergency Department. Brett made the right choice. At the ED, he was diagnosed with a “widow maker” heart attack—a 99% blockage of a major artery. A stent was inserted to open the artery, and within 24 hours Brett was back home with his family. Several years later, Brett was on a flight when he experienced chest pain. Upon landing, he was rushed to Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center where a second heart attack was confirmed. This time, he was placed on a strict diet and exercise regimen, with great results. Today, Brett is looking and feeling well. He credits his family and his cardiologist for giving him the support and expert care he needs to stay well.

“My family has a dad and a husband thanks to Dr. Paul Douglass and his amazing team.” – Brett Faucett


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