Monteforte Law February 2019

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February 2019

M ore than 20 years ago, a college speech class changed my life. I was a sophomore at Salem State University (back then, it was still Salem State College, many years before their University status), and I happened to notice a girl in the class who looked familiar. Quickly, I realized that I had met her a few days before, through a mutual friend. Throughout the class, she claims I was winking at her. To this day, I think I just had something in my eye. Long story short, we probably didn’t pay as much attention to the class as we should have. been grateful to my alma mater for not only bringing us together, but also for the opportunities it has afforded me ever since. I decided to set up a scholarship at Salem State University so that I could assist students who couldn’t rely on their parents to financially help them through school. I went to college on a patchwork of scholarships — some big and some small — and no matter the amount, I always appreciated my donors for their generosity. Every January, I evaluate ways I could do better and help more in the new year. Giving back to organizations that are important to me is something I’ve tried to do for many years now, especially while my daughter and son participate in their extracurriculars. I’m also in the process of setting up a scholarship at my children’s high school for students interested in legal careers. My daughter has been dancing since she could walk. As a freshman in high school, she teaches at her dance studio, competitively dances around New England, and for the past four years, she’s been performing in the I wound up marrying that girl, and years later, we began a family together. I’ve always

Nutcracker. To support her and her passion, I’ve sponsored the ballet. She will participate in dance for many more years, and I want to see her and her peers thrive. Meanwhile, my 13-year-old son has been playing baseball since he was 6, and since he was 9, he’s been on traveling teams. Last year, he played at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, and I sponsored his team’s trip. I also pledged to sponsor the 2019 team, because I saw how much the trip meant to my son. I don’t want to see anybody miss out on such a cool opportunity because of money. Throughout the process of establishing this scholarship with Salem State, I’ve been learning from university officials that sometimes $500 is the difference between

students being able to afford college and skipping out. If I hadn’t been able to afford Salem State, I would never have made it into law school and helped many families — including my own — with their elder law and estate-planning needs. I would’ve never met my wife. My kids wouldn’t exist. This scholarship at Salem State University wouldn’t be available. So many lives are affected — and sometimes it’s only a matter of $500. If I can make college easier for even one student, I’ll know I’ve made an impact. And perhaps I can help some kid with or without dust in his eye wink at his crush in honors speech class.

-Michael Monteforte Jr. | 1

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