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nine months after his parents started the business and purchased the company in 2000. He insists that he plays a minimal part in the company’s success and more often credits the employees. “I am not the most important per- son at this company,” he says.

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The Bobst Masterfold was installed last year.

If growth is any indication of success, GCI is thriving. When Ruebenson’s parents started the company, there were three employees producing cartons on a two-color press, a small diecutter and a gluer. Today, 70 employees work in a state-of-the-art 122,000-square-foot climate con- trolled facility producing 762 million cartons annually. For comparison, 15 years ago annual carton production was 200 million with almost the same number of people. “One of the main reasons we’ve grown over the years customer wise is because of our quality, service and quick turn time,” says Dave Mickiewicz who has been with GCI for 20 years and heads up sales. “This is an easy company to sell for from the standpoint that we have great support and we don’t have to go through levels of management to get something done.” The productivity underscores all of the aforementioned attributes as well as its cutting edge technology and au- tomation. “There are so many variables in this business,” Ruebenson says. “We have to give employees the tools to succeed and I feel we’ve done that.” Printing Efficiency In the last six years GCI has invested in three new fold- er-gluers, two printing presses, one diecutter and some ancillary equipment. Most of the equipment is from two suppliers — Bobst and Heidelberg. “My philosophy is you buy the best you can, whether it’s equipment or substrates or ink, anything. We build the quality into the product be- cause once it’s printed you can’t go back and erase it,” Ruebenson says. The changeover in new equipment began in 2014 and 2015 with the installation of two 41-inch Heidelberg Speed- master offset presses that print eight-color plus aqueous and seven-color plus inline UV. The machines print 18,000 sph and include the full complement of image control color management systems and load handling. They replaced three older Heidelbergs.

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April 6 , 2020

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