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THE RESULTS OUR CLIENTS ARE GETTING Taking You to the Next Level in 3 Easy, Powerful Steps

Recently, we had the pleasure of catching up with one of our favorite clients: Danny. (Okay, to be honest, that’s like choosing a favorite child — all of our clients are our favorite.) As we’ve said before, we follow up with our clients at each point in their campaign to find out how it’s going. Danny said that before Agent Link, he never had the results he’s getting now. “There’s no comparison,” Danny said about working with other companies. “I’ve been using Agent Link for over five years and have never been disappointed, not in one single campaign. Your entire team is top-notch.” This made us feel good of course, but we have to give Danny some credit. One of the reasons he’s had so much success with our services is the strong system he has in place to build agents up and help them find success in their roles. Because Danny knows his audience well, his system addresses the most critical challenges producers face. In addition, he has sales support, consistent follow-up, and concrete marketing — all the building blocks of a successful BGA. It’s a winning combination, but like so many of you, Danny still struggled to connect with consistent, quality leads.That’s where Agent Link comes in. Danny already brings a lot to the table in terms of value to an agent, and he’s really delivering on that proposition. How do we contribute to that momentum? At Agent Link, we use analytics and our honed instinct to match Danny with agents who are going to thrive at his organization.

2. Craft a home-run narrative. This communicates the great value Danny brings to the table that will resonate with producers. 3. Deploy our wonderful team of Producer Liaisons. We leverage existing connections and make introductions for Danny. Our clients — people like Danny — are the reason we love our jobs. It’s that simple. Hearing that we’ve helped a BGA or IMO connect with motivated producers and made a match on both ends communicates to us that we’re accomplishing the vision we set out with when we started Agent Link: helping people.

For us, the key is taking the time to really understand what type of agent is a good fit for our client so we can target and attract them. We have to understand both sides of the equation to achieve results — we understand the needs of our clients, the needs of BGAs and IMOs like Danny’s, and the needs of independent agents in a specific market. Based on these building blocks, we help elevate what he is doing well and take that foundation to the next level by targeting and attracting higher quality agents with three easy and powerful steps. 1. Create a producer profile for Danny. We answer the question, “Who is going to be the right fit?”

-Senia Gramajo

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