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enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with your family. It could mean helping decorate for the season at a local nursing home or just spending time with the residents, hearing their stories of Thanksgiving. On a larger scale, I was introduced to a great way to participate in giving that has a global impact. It is called dollarfund, and the goal is to give $1 per month with the goal of 1 million people giving. This means your $1 is able to have an exponential impact as it is added together and 1 million dollars is given each month to heal the sick, feed the hungry, free the slaves, house the homeless, quench the thirsty, and parent the parentless. I have always wished I could do more, give more, and love more. This organization provides an excellent opportunity to reach out beyond our means and have a greater impact. “Serving the many” has never been easier. It’s not about what you or I can do alone, it’s about what we can do TOGETHER. After all, “together” is what Thanksgiving is all about! You can find more information at Let’s start a “giving” revolution this Thanksgiving! Lee Sowerbutts

What does the word Thanksgiving mean to you? Maybe it brings memories of turkey and dressing, afternoon football, or family and friends gathered around a large table, reunited! For some it is the annual Thanksgiving day parade, or maybe even the tradition of setting up and decorating the Christmas tree. For others, your mind goes back in time to the Pilgrims and the very first Thanksgiving. So many different thoughts come to mind at the mere mention of the word. But I want to propose a meaning that you may not have considered before. When we break the word apart, we are left with “thanks” and “giving”. The first part of the word seems to fit nicely into our perception of what Thanksgiving is all about, after all, being thankful is at the core of this special holiday; however, the second word, “giving,” may not necessarily be the first idea that pops into our head as we prepare for this special time of year. As it turns out, being thankful is the first step, but it shouldn’t end there. The “giving” portion of the word opens up a whole new way to view this holiday. So what should this “giving” look like? Locally, it may be serving others in a soup-kitchen or inviting someone to

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– Lee Sowerbutts

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