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APRIL 2019

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Adventures in the Park, the Grocery Store, andMore THE AUDREY UPDATE

I am so excited for spring. Audrey is 16 1/2 months and has stopped taking a nap in the morning, which has really opened up time for us to do things. Until now, by the time we would get out of the house in the morning, we’d have to turn around and go back home so Audrey could take a nap. Now, thanks to the nice spring weather, Renee and I can bring Audrey and the dogs down to a park not far from our house. It’s really fun, and Audrey loves to crawl around in the grass. Audrey hasn’t started walking yet, but that’s okay. I feel like if she wanted to walk, she’d get up and start walking, but she’s still pretty cautious. There have been a number of times I’ve seen her stand up without holding onto anything. After about five seconds, she’ll realize what she’s doing and quickly sit back down. Right now, Audrey’s pretty happy pushing around her musical walker rather than try to walk on her own. They say that most kids will either progress quickly verbally or they’ll progress quickly physically. It just so happens that Audrey is verbally ahead of the game. She knows about 15 different words, including “dada” — which was her first word — as well as “mama,” “toe,” and “peas.”

skittish around her because she’s a little unpredictable for their tastes. But Audrey loves to sit next to them and hand them their little dog ball. They’ll carefully take it and then run off. It’s super cute. As Audrey gets older, it’s amazing to watch her personality really develop. She’s pretty sunny most of the time and very focused. I love spending time with her. One of my favorite things to do is wake up early with her on Sunday mornings and go to Whole Foods together to do the weekly shopping. Audrey loves the grocery store. There are so many things to look at and everyone smiles and waves at her. She loves the attention. A couple times a month, Renee and I will take Audrey to Thinkery, the children’s museum in Austin. If you have kids or grandkids and you’ve never been to Thinkery, I highly recommend planning a family day trip. They are tons of amazing exhibits for kids of all ages that make learning about science, math, and technology fun. There are even fun things for babies and toddlers. Audrey likes crawling around on the bean bags, and she loves playing with other kids her age.

“As Audrey gets older, it’s amazing towatch her personality really develop.”

She called my parents “nana” and “dede,” which is very cute. I have to give props to my mom for picking such an easy name for Audrey to say. Renee’s mom wants to be called “Grammy,” which Audrey isn’t able to say just yet. One of Audrey’s favorite words is “ball.” When we’re reading storybooks, she can spot a drawing of a ball on any page, even if the story has nothing to do with a ball. Our Westies are a little

Life with Audrey is wonderful. She’s super cute, and I love her with all my heart. Every day is a new adventure, and I look forward to what the future will bring. –Dr. Seth Evans

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