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Some things are worth repeating . . .

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These ad reproductions have appeared in Christian magazines in past months and have drawn inquiry from many readers. Have you investigated the possi­ bilities of an annuity investment at Wheaton to meet your situation?

WAYS WHEATON ANNUITIES CAN BENEFIT YOU IF YOU . . . I want an assured income for life . . . Wheaton Sin­ gle Life Annuities guarantee you prompt, gener­ ous income payments for as long as you live. are interested in a plan that will put your money to work for you—and for the Lord’s work as well—Wheaton Annuities are an investment “ For Christ and His Kingdom.” want to be sure that your affairs are in good hands at your homegoing—you can plan now, wisely, generously, for your loved ones* and for the cause o f Christ, with Wheaton Survivorship An­ nuities. would like to will a guaranteed income for life to loved ones . . . a Wheaton Annuity is a continu­ ing reminder o f your thoughtfulness, and your money continues to work for the Lord! want to know what makes Wheaton Annuities so attractive to so many people . . . consider these benefits: 1. An investment with a spiritual impact. 2. Dependable, liberal returns on your money. 3. Flexibility and tax benefits. desire information on how Wheaton Annuities can benefit you . . . use the convenient coupon form to get full details by return mail.






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What makes WHEATON ANNUITIES SOattractive to so many people? THE BENEFITS’


-¡t . . . Since 1860

"For Christ and His Kingdom"

WHEATON COLLEGE Wheaton . Illinois

» Dept. K-102



Pleasant Tomorrows, the illustrated booklet which explains ill detail the Wheaton Annuity Plan.





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